Tuesday, August 16, 2016

love wins!

The pleasant summer weather means more time hanging with Pierre in the backyard. I think everyday he gets bolder, letting me pet him for longer and longer. Not long now before he loses his semi-feral status!

Pierre lets me get up close and personal so long as Oliver's near. 
Pierre rolling around in the shadow

Pierre - further proof that love wins!

My theory is that cats (like humans) are built for love, so once the fear is worked through, amazing relationship can happen. Oliver's story certainly supports my theory!
Sadly, Pierre, a true feral born cat is now more approachable than Rose! I get to love on Pierre a few times a week, at his invitation. Rose on the other paw, refuses any contact. So, wrangling her for any reason only supports her belief that humans are evil! 

Keep your distance pal! Love me from a distance.


  1. Pierre has a nice notch in his ear; some past fight for territory no doubt. If you can convince Pierre that you aren't going to eat him, then my money is on YOU to someday convince Rose of the same thing!

  2. Way to go, Pierre! It's a bit sad that Rose thinks of human touching as "evil," but I know she's loved anyway. :-)

  3. That is great that Pierre is beginning to trust you. We have lots of feral cats around here and some take longer to trust. Thanks for taking such good care of the cats.

  4. Wy to go Pierre, you are special indeed!

  5. I truly believe that cats reflect what you give to them... so people who say cats are aloof and have no interest in humans are people I know who don't spend a lot of time with cats..

    Why Rose is an outlier to that theory, I can not say..

  6. YAY!!! we just adore how much those boys are loving on you since you gave them a sense of safety

  7. I was extra happy to see Pierre and Oliver. I have really taken them to my heart. Yes, love will win. I wish more people knew that.
    Rose , who can say, may have a missing connection there in her pretty head that keeps her from the full realization of all the love and home that surrounds here. Otherwise she would have come round by now one would think.
    I adore all of your babies and the love they enjoy and come to rely on. YOU have that love returned, it's easy to see.

  8. Happy for Pierre, but sad about Rose.

  9. Aww, poor Rose. But I'm glad that Pierre is coming around.


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