Monday, September 5, 2016

for the love of corn

There's a reason this sign hangs in our house.


Theo was rescued from an Indiana corn field and he still loves his corn!


  1. LOL! Love the sign and Theo's expression in it. He's just the opposite of Nicki and Derry -- I can leave all manner of food out and they won't touch it. :-p

  2. Love the 'wanted' poster!
    Our kitties aren't interested in the corn kernels themselves, but they love to chew the green husks (and then barf later!) They seem to know the minute we get the corn out of the fridge and are there when we start husking.
    You gotta love em'!.

  3. MY Robin loved her some corn. Her fave human foods (she is the only cat who would eat them) were scrambled eggs, corn, peas, turkey and taco chips. She passed away from kidney failure in 1997. She was 16 and ruled the household and her boys with an iron paw wrapped in silk. A little Tortie.

  4. Annie's a corn lover and will eat it off the husk. Cute mug shot.

  5. That is too funny. I posted a photo on Facebook of my Sammy eating corn on the cob :)

  6. that just made my day :)

    My cats who grew up on dry food are pretty into corn too, but I think it is because it was a big component of their early foods.


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