Monday, April 3, 2017

da weekend

Another thrilling weekend in the books - here's a recap...

Saturday we had a house appraiser come, so that mean cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning! 

What's not obvious in this picture is that the shop vac is running and very loud!
Having a fearless cat is usually awesome, when it comes time to bringing out the suck-monster, it gets a little dangerous. Always have to be careful not to suck up the Marvs.

Edmonds beach, lovely walk with friend Lisa and her pup, Teo

Mr Fluff!!!

Irresistible tummy!

Perfect circle

 More fluff!

Oliver on the roof! 

 We watched this silly kitty movie

 Sunday snugglefest! Theo is under the blanket!

Willow! Willow! Willow!!! 
No such thing as too much Willow.

I hope your weekend was everything it needed to be and you are ready for the new week!


  1. How wonderful to see the cats and a friend too...and Willow of the blonde eyeliner!

  2. Wonderful pics of all the kitties!

    But appraiser! Are you guys moving?!

  3. Great to see an update on the furry one's and all that love!

  4. That movie was fairly disappointing, wasn't it! Love to see the fluff, and the Marv, and rooftop Oliver. Guess you'll fess up about the appraiser news sooner or later...hmmm?

  5. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. All of our cats disappear when the vacuum (a.k.a. cat eating monster) comes out.

  6. that is some serious fluff!! and so funny that Marvin isn't afraid of the vacuum

  7. I love that movie. Mr. Fuzzypants is so cute and Kevin Spacey was so funny.


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