Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Summer is nearly in the rear view mirror. Such a beautiful summer here, warm and dry. I think I heard no measurable rain for over 60 days. It'll be here soon enough.

We are still working on moving, which means lots of house projects to get the house ready to sell. I did a bunch of them this weekend, including adding earthquake straps to the water heater, so if there's an earthquake, it won't fall over. Drilling into the concrete foundation to place anchor bolts was not fun!

The realtor gave us a list of things that need to be done so a potential buyer could get a loan. Apparently, in this area, banks won't write a loan if the hot water tank is not secured to the wall. The crazy thing is, if there is an earthquake here, the house won't be standing (house is not attached to the piers it sits on) - but the hot water heater will be standing! Anyway, glad to have that project over with.

I've been training Theo on how to assume the Buddy tummy rub position. It took him a few times to remember how the legs go for maximum tummy rubs, but I think he's got it now!


Speaking of Buddy, we recently marked a year since his crossing to the rainbow bridge. Still miss that guy, quite a bit.

classic Buddy!
There has been a lot of fort-action here lately. The blanket fort is always a winner. Pretty simple, just drape a blanket between the couch cushions and the cats do the rest.

 There's a Rose in this fort!

Willow's been known to sleep through the coming and going of the evil suck monster when she's safe and secure in a blanket fort! What's the point of having a fort if it ain't gonna keep you safe?!

Hmmm... this fort is getting a lot of attention, I wonder who's in there...

It's Oliver!!!!!

Oliver LOVES inside kitty forts - he loves most anything related to being inside kitty.

Some have asked if Oliver and Pierre are coming with us when we move - they most certainly are! We're not leaving any of our family behind. No cats left behind!


  1. It will be quite the move with all the kitties in tow!

  2. We've had a gorgeous summer here in Michigan, if a little bit drier and cooler than average. Angel Buddy is glad he's not moving, I'll bet! We call them tents instead of forts, and Chuck loves them while Angel will only crawl under once in awhile.

  3. Good luck with all your preparations. It's an incredible amount of work, but I hope will be worth for you in the end.

    I'm glad Oliver and Pierre will be coming along--that might be challenging, but that, too, will be overcome!

  4. It is so cool that Oliver loves the fort - he has made a real transformation over the years I've been following your blog. I knew you wouldn't leave any kitties behind! :)

  5. THANK you for taking Oliver and Pierre. I have been so concerned about them. That may be just the thing for them in all ways. Not just the obvious. And I laughed at the idea that the water heater would still be standing! Earthquakes...you can't get US! That's what the waterheater said!

  6. Moving is NEVER easy, wishing you well. (((hugs))) on Buddy's year anniversary and your fort photos are darling. catchatwithcarenandcody

  7. Ugh...the process of moving is not much fun, but the final result is almost always worth it! I love seeing Theo, Willow and especially, Oliver. I'm so happy to see Oliver is doing well transitioning into an indoor cat. I had no doubt that all the cats would be moving with you--wish everyone would do the same when they moved (sigh). Hard to believe it's been a year since Buddy got his angel wings, I'm sure he'll be supervising the move from above.

  8. Never having met you but just reading your blog for a few years I knew the thought of leaving even 1 kitty behind never even crossed your mind. Good luck with all the moving preparations and then the actual move. I look forward to reading your blog from your new location.

  9. we are in the process of moving too, it is such a chore. I wish you as smooth as one as you can.

    I didn't realize you lost Buddy right before I lost Kit. it was just a couple of months latter. In regular blogging time that seems like forever, but looking back it seems like no time at all


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