Saturday, March 3, 2018

moving with cats - part 6

Staying in hotels did the cats a world of good. Theo, Nahum, and Marvin really needed space to stretch their legs and do cat stuff and hotels gave them that luxury. It also gave opportunity for Marvin to bond with Theo and Nahum on neutral turf. We stayed at La Quinta hotels, which are mostly pay friendly. I believe they limit the number of pets to 2 per room, but none of the hotel people ever asked quantity. We were extra careful with cleaning up the litter and such so that there was little trace that cats were there. It worked out great, and I was worried about how cats and hotels would work!

We left Danbury, CT Friday morning in a mix of snow and rain. After some challenges with our minivan's defrost not working, we figured out a work-around and kept going. Thankfully, because we had pushed on the night before, we were right on the edge of the snow/rain border of the crazy big winter storm. So, it only took a few minutes to get out of the snow and we spent the day driving in rain. Avoiding the snow felt like a huge blessing.

Nahum and the rest of the cats were all konked out all day. The different sedative we gave Nahum really worked, he slept well.

At last - Vermont! Home!!

Our apartment is in New Hampshire, but we are considering it temporary, while we find the perfect house to buy in Vermont. Lebanon, NH is right across the river from White River Junction, Vermont.

The fourwhitepaws-minivan did a fantastic job transporting us and the kitties across the country. We had some problems with the heating system, the heat didn't work in the back and the defrost in the front died on us, but otherwise it was spacious enough to pack the cats, our stuff and a million cat-blankets and towels!

Vermont welcome center
After a brief stop in Brattleboro, Vermont to have lunch at one of our favorite places, the Brattleboro Food Coop, we eventually made it to Lebanon, New Hampshire, where our apartment is. When we arrived there was a small package from Amazon waiting for us in the mailbox. 

Our new landlord had sent us a housewarming gift of catnip mice for our cats! How awesome is that! One for each cat. It's awesome to have a cat-loving landlord. I was scared that we wouldn't find an apartment that would allow us to have our six cats and God delivered an apartment that happily welcomes cats! What a huge blessing.

After moving the stuff from the minivan into the apartment, we setup some space for cats and moved them in as well. Oliver and Pierre got a large wire crate setup for them to acclimate to the space. Rose also got a similar setup.

Marvin, Theo, and Nahum went to work immediately checking out the space. We tried to limit them to one bedroom, but in only a few minutes they were ready to map out the rest of the space. I think the fact that they had a different hotel or room to stay in each night over the past week helped them become more comfortable in new spaces. They adapted quickly and settled right in. I am pleased beyond measure that Marvin has integrated so easily into the general cat population, what a huge gift. It only took a few nights of working things out back in Denver and they are peacefully co-existing now.

Marvs scavenging for lost food nuggets
We are learning a new side of Marvin, with the run of all the space and being with the other cats, he's like a different Marvin! He's very rambunctious, and quite the little devil. He's all over the place, running, leaping, exploring, getting into all sorts of trouble. It's fun to see him being more like a cat than what he had opportunity for back at the house, where he was limited to only the upstairs rooms.

I am very pleased with how Oliver is doing. He's so chill about the new space. I thought he might be anxious to be in a new space that recently housed four cats, but he's not at all. He came out of his cage, explored the room and then parked in my lap for a snooze.

A few hours later, Oliver met Marvin for the first time.

Marvin wasn't so sure about Oliver but Oliver did fantastic. He allowed Marvin to sniff him and Oliver was very well behaved. Shortly after this picture was taken, Marvin wasn't so well behaved and tried to spray Oliver's litter box. Marvin! 

A few hours later and Oliver was checking out our new air mattress! Our belongings don't arrive until Tuesday, and after one night sleeping on the floor without cushion, we realized we are way too old for that! So, we bought an air mattress - which the cats are enjoying too! Meanwhile, Nahum has been extra sleepy, but sneezing less and appears to be getting better. He's not much for receiving his medications, he's been so healthy all these years, these are the first meds he's ever had to get.

Theo has been konked out today. All the stress of moving and travel is catching up to him. He enjoyed being out of the car and stationary where he could relax and sleep.  Oliver really took to the bed too. I love that he's super-chill.

I love, love, love that Marvin seems to have accepted Oliver at least for this moment. Maybe this is first step toward having a fully integrated kitty household! I never dreamed of such a possibility but that would be so fantastic. I've been keeping a close eye on Oliver and he's been very well behaved. While Oliver's been hanging out in our bedroom, I heard Pierre come out of his crate and explore his bedroom - he even meowed a bit. Of course none of the other cats have met Pierre yet, but I don't anticipate that being a problem, Pierre is pretty easy going with other cats.

More exploring and settling in to come in the days ahead!

I'm amazed by how everything has gone so far. As a person prone to worry, my biggest fear about moving was how the cats would do. I had a ton of fear about them being freaked out but that never happened. Rose was scared, but she's always scared, even in our house, if she saw you looking at her, she would cower. Everything so far has worked out so much better than I could have ever imaged. We felt invited by God to love on my parents who live nearby in New Hampshire, and with so much uncertainty about the process and destination, it was a big leap of faith to move into the unknown. So far it's been one blessing after another - I'm feeling very grateful!


  1. So happy you have arrived, and I'm thrilled to pieces that the bad boy Oliver is behaving :D - it is indeed wonderful Marvin is fitting in, fingers crossed everyone decides they love each other! And best wishes on settling in, finding that perfect Vermont house, the perfect jobs, and oh yes... the perfect cat rescue to join! I hope you guys get some time to rest and relax after that long trip - take care, we'll be keeping an eye on you! Nancy

  2. Congratulation on arriving! What a journey it's been for all, I can't even imagine. Hurrah for Oliver being so laid back about everything, and for Marvin being that way too--and now zooming around and being a silly kitty.

    BTW, what a fantastic landlord to not only allow 6 cats, but to have nip waiting for them too. Wow! Must be a very special person indeed.

    Good luck in your house search, I hope it won't be too long before you all make one final forever move. :-)

  3. I am so happy to learn you are there. Safe, sound as the saying goes and on your way to a home that will work for you eight family members. This blog made my morning. Lots of love to all 8 of you.

  4. Hooray, welcome home, we're so glad y'all made it safely and the crew is doing so well!

  5. Good news you two....NO driving today!! I bet you will still be busy, going 60 miles a minute unless the storage box hasn't arrived yet? Best Wishes as you land in the East, home at last. Vicki

  6. *whew* I'm so happy you were ahead of the nor'easter and that you all arrived safe and sound and that everyone is doing so good!

  7. I'm so happy the trip went well. Good pre-planning!! The kitties are so lucky to have such caring parents. Rest until your furniture arrives then its busy busy again.

  8. Yay! Finally home (even if the apt. is temporary). Seems like this trip was very positive one for the cats (except for Nahum who seems to be doing better now). It tickles me that Marvin is acting more "cat-like"--do you think he's modeling the others or ? And I love that Oliver seems to have integrated into the indoor cat clan--such a sweet boy. I'm happy the trip is finally behind you and that it had so many positive moments. Here's hoping you find the house that is perfect for you and the fur kids soon.

  9. I've enjoyed reading all your move posts. I haven't written about it yet on our blog, but we are planning an equally big move but in the opposite direction (PA to CA) to be near our aging parents, and we have no doubt God is calling us to do this. We have just two kitties but I'm already worried. It's great that you avoided the storm! We had some of it here in PA and it was a doozey. It's also wonderful to read about all your blessings and how well your kitties are doing. It's also wonderful about your landlord!

  10. Congratulations on making it safely! That is an awesome landlord :)

  11. Glad to see you and the cats arrived safely at your new home. I was quite impressed by your travelling set up which, no doubt, made the long journey much easier for the kitties. Best wishes as you and your furry family settle in.

  12. Oh my, have I been out of the loop! Going back now to read your earlier postings. So glad you are safely there with your fur babies! I'm so delighted Oliver and Pierre are with you too! How exciting for you and your family entering this new adventure in your life!!!

  13. guyz....we iz BUZZED HAPPEE everee one arrived safe N sound...we noe see in that WELCOME sign waz a huge ree leaf !!! we send all de best two each oh ewe N mom N dad two....HURRAY !!!!!!!!!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  14. A dear friend moved from Michigan to Florida with her five cats, and the new locale changed the entire dynamic of the clowder, from squabbles and one ladycat marking all of the time, to five happy, adjusted kitties! The new territory changed everything, and it sounds like something like that may be happening for you. Bet you two humans are delighted to be back on terra firma, so to speak, and we all send purrs and hugs to you during your transition!

  15. What a wonderful gift from your landlord!! and I am thrilled for you that everyone seems to be settling in and are thankful that they aren't traveling anymore. I'm not sure where you are looking to land in VT, but the house across the street from us in NH is for sale ;)


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