Friday, January 11, 2019

tiny chocolate cuddle monster

I often look at Marvin and marvel over his tiny size. How does he fit all of his kitty parts in such a tiny package?! 

Everyone needs a tiny chocolate cuddle monster!

Marvin has been exceptionally cuddly lately! You'll get no complaints from me about that.

Marvin's asthma keeps acting up. He has these spells where it's difficult for him to breathe, it's quite distressing to witness. We've been giving him topical steroid for years now and it's not good for him, but it keeps him breathing (mostly). We have an AeroKat for administering inhaler-meds. Sadly, he's always been ultra-resistant to having his mouth touched (mask goes over his nose and mouth) because of his chronic dental problems. Now that his dental issues have been resolved and the constant pain is no more, I'm trying to slowly acclimate him to the AeroKat breathing mask by having him fish shredded cheese from it. I don't have much hope this will make him any more accepting of it, but thought it was worth a try.

Marvin spends most all his time on the heating pad bed on the human bed, in my lap, or on the heated window perch when the suns out. He likes his heat! And he prefers his dinner on the heated bed!

Happy Friday! I'm ready for the weekend - the retreat was emotionally and spiritually restorative but physically tiring (more on that in a future post). Then Thursday and Friday work schedules were crazy busy to make up for so much time out of the office. This weekend we go house hunting - hopefully we can find our next home with a sunny porch for Theo!


  1. Marvin, God bless you sweet boy. And your parents.

  2. That first photo is especially touching and dear.

    It took me 6 weeks to train Nicki to accept the AeroKat mask, 6 weeks of sheer frustration and tears on my part. I didn't use shredded cheese (great idea!). In Nicki's case, I used a few pieces of kibble as a treat for first showing any interest (not fear) in the mask, and then accepting it. For me, it really was a slow process. Even now, 3+ years later, Nicki often is stubborn and I will hold him firmly. It's easier/better if you sit behind or beside the cat, one arm keeping them contained, the other operating the Aerokat. At least I find it better that way.

    Don't give up and take it as slowly as possible. Consistency is the key (to so much -- lol). I did it with Nicki twice a day at the same time, in the same spot.

  3. That Marv is such a sweetie. Good luck with the house hunting.

  4. Nice to see Marvin, he is adorable.

  5. Marvin, you look to be such a cuddle buddy. You have some beautiful fur and hope you feel better. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. We are happy that we got to meet you.
    World of Animals

  6. I hope you're doing well - miss hearing about your cats.


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