Saturday, June 15, 2019

rally #351

Marvin has rallied once more! He keeps approaching what looks like the end of the line and then he reveals he has another life yet. Miracle cat, this one.

We learned from recent ultrasound that his worsening breathing problem was complication of his asthma, mucous accumulating in his lungs. Terbutaline seems to be helping quite a bit, yah!

We also learned that his kidney failure keeps getting worse. We knew that was inevitable. Thankfully, he's still eating well. He still gets sub-q fluids twice a week.

We're appreciating every moment with this guy, never knowing when the next rally won't come. He's a love.

Go Marvs!


  1. Way to go Marv! Hugs from all of us.

  2. Marvin is so amazing! What a fighter he is!

  3. Sounds like Marv is quite the toughie for sure. Dad feels for you as he can still remember going through almost the same thing with dear old Orbit. Purrs and thoughts to you.

  4. Marvin, that is so hard on those who love you. But they sure take excellent care of you. XXX

  5. I just want to kiss his little face. Give him some love for me


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