Monday, May 30, 2022


Greetings friends! 

Sorry we've been so quiet for so long. It's been a crazy year with lots of changes. Lots of stress! 

Sometimes with so much stress, it's good to hide under a blanket. But doing so means not sharing on the blog. 

We are all generally fine. Thankfully! Theo gave us a scare earlier in the year with a cancerous tumor (more on that in future post) but he's all better now.

Rose is still Rose, not letting us near her. She's so cute! 

When I lost my nice DSLR camera and switched to PC from Mac, taking and editing pictures became more challenging, but I hopefully found a new system that will work. Paws crossed! 

It's good to be back! Happy weekend! 


  1. It's terrific to have you posting again, and we look forward to reading about everything.
    Am all for hiding under a blanket!

  2. Good to see you! Glad everyone is doing well.

  3. Welcome back. I am glad everyone is OK now with the kitties.


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