Wednesday, August 10, 2022


There are so many things about cats that I find amazing. Every so often something they do really strikes me as delightful.

This morning, it's waking to this... 
A neat little pile of poop in the center of Pierre's cat bed.

Everything about this is intentional. It's not hidden somewhere, or just a little hang on piece that dropped somewhere. This is a full on poop in a prominent spot.

I'm sure the cats know who the message is from. With my nose, all the kitty poops smell the same. I can rule out Oliver, not because he's above such forms of communication, but because his poops are much bigger. 

With the poop being in Pierre's bed, he's the only one who really frequents that bed, I, wondered if a cat was leaving him a message. And then I wonder, maybe Pierre is leaving me a message, him placing it in his bed as a signature of sorts. 

As soon as I saw the message I knew what it meant. I was too tired and lazy yesterday to empty the litter boxes and they haven't been cleaned in a while. I'm thinking Pierre, who grew up pooping in the great outdoors, doesn't like a dirty bathroom.

OK, Pierre! The litter boxes are now all empty and clean! But your bed is now out of service waiting to be washed.
- - - 
Tuna and Tuffy from work also communicate well. 


  1. Oh I loved this today. STILL smiling!

  2. Our Celestial Chuck and Angel had litterbox problems, so I got in the habit of cleaning them every day after I woke up, finished my morning ablutions, but before my own breakfast.
    I figure, if this is the worst things that I'll see today, at least it's out of the way early!
    HA! Hope Pierre is feeling okay.


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