Wednesday, July 26, 2023

more Oliver

As each day goes by, Oliver is eating less and less. When he hears some of his favorite foods being handled, like when I'm grating cheese, he still comes over, asking for some. But when I give him some strands of yummy cheese, he doesn't eat it, which breaks my heart. 

I'm trying to be creative to find things that might still be appetizing to him, but more often than not he turns away. 

Our amazing vet has done a ton of research on his condition, exocrine pancreatic carcinoma, and sheet shared that research with us. Sadly, the research is pretty bleak, especially when the cancer has metastasized. Not much in the way of treatment and life expectancy after diagnosis seems to be more measured in days rather than months.

I've been spending my days soaking up as much Oliver love as I can. I'm not ready to lose him, but life and death doesn't seem to influenced by my readiness. 

Nahum has been living up to his name lately and providing a lot of well needed comfort. I'm grateful. 

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