Saturday, January 6, 2024

new cutie in town

Please join me in welcoming Lucy to our family!!

She's a 4 year old, long furred tortie. Very soft, affectionate, and playful. And tiny, only 7 lbs! 

She was very stressed in her home, with big dogs (one being aggressive toward her) living in basement, a baby and a new baby due today. Her kitty BFF passed away last spring and now her humans were needing to travel a lot to take care of aging parents. So, they didn't have the time to give her to help her through her stress. 

Her people were very sad to give her up, but they recognize with everything going on in their lives right now, Lucy would be better off in a calmer home situation and preferably with other cats. 

She's been having some chronic urinary issues, probably due to chronic stress.

She's currently acclimating to us and our home. Once she's comfortable with us and her space we will start introducing her to her new kitty friends.

Welcome sweet Lucy! 


  1. Hello, Lucy!
    Aren't you a cutie pie?
    Here's hoping your urinary issues resolve in the calmer home environment.

  2. welcome two ewe lucy !!! ewe bee one gorgeouz gurl !! happee gotcha day; lookin for werd ta see in ewe on yur blog :) ♥♥

  3. Welcome Lucy! She is beautiful. I think the people should have rehomed the dog, but I am glad she has a safe forever home now.


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