Monday, February 26, 2024

Theo heart

Back in late October, in Oliver's final days, Theo was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. It was so hard to face that diagnosis while Oliver was dying.

Theo's diagnosis wasn't a surprise, he's been seeing a cardiologist for a number of years now. Usually these visits indicated little change, but that wasn't the case this past fall. He had a significant amount of fluid around his heart and lungs that needed to be drained. He started some basic heart meds to help keep the fluid off and to reduce chance of clots.

Since then we have been watching him slowly go downhill. These last few days he's not been wanting to eat much, moving around slower. Then today he had some episodes of incontinence and being out of it. We rushed him to vet, who did blood workup.

We learned his potassium was super low and his kidneys were not doing well. About a week ago, his cardiologist had, switched his diareutic to Torsemide, noting this is getting closer to end of the road. That big jump in diareutic really did his kidneys in. 

For now we have him on a potassium supplement and went back to the other, less potent diareutic. Our vet will consult with cardiologist to see what we do going forward. 

Meanwhile, I'm loving him up as much as possible. It feels like we might be losing him soon, which is so heartbreaking. I'm taking the day off from work to be with him all day, keep, eye on him and love him lots and lots. 

Purrs and prayers appreciated. 


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