Thursday, March 21, 2024

Theo update

Sweet Theo had an adventure today, he went down to visit his cardiologist to monitor his congestive heart failure. 

I'm afraid we received bad news. We knew he was going downhill, but hearing it from the cardiologist really brought the news home. His heart failure is worsening. We are going to try a different diareutic, but even with using it, cardiologist estimates we have 1-8 weeks. 

They drained a lot of fluid from his lungs, so he can breathe easier for a bit. When he got home he konked out and Nahum hung with him. True BFF. 

Meanwhile, my heart is breaking. I try to imagine not having Theo in my physical world and I can't picture it. He's been such a constant delightful presence over the past 14.5 years. 

Purrs and prayers appreciated. ❤️


  1. sending blessings frum R heer roe st francis, two ewe theo 💙💙

  2. Purring for Theo, and hugs for his human.


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