Sunday, February 28, 2010

home depot

Theo had his first outing into Home Depot today.

On the way home from the cat store, we needed to stop to get some things for the house. I always see people bringing their dogs in and around the store, so I figured I could bring my cat.

The "no pets" sign on the door stopped us at first, but the friendly associate at the door invited us to bring him in. So, in we went.

Theo sure got a lot of attention. Most everyone wanted to put their hands on him. Little kids exclaimed, "look mom, a kitty!" Some employees mentioned they had never seen a cat in Home Depot before. One associate even showed us pictures of her cats from her cell phone. When we arrived at the registers, several cashiers fought to get us in their lane so they could visit with Theo. He was quite the celebrity!

Through it all, Theo did fine. He doesn't seem to mind being the center of the world. I think he would have enjoyed having more time to explore everything at his pace. Eventually, the sound of a nearby saw started to make him nervous, so it was time to go.

Theo likes his adventures.

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