Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Theo is spending the night in the hospital.

This morning, Theo was holding his mouth slightly open with his tongue sticking out.  It was odd, he doesn't usually do that. I did a quick Google search in an attempt to gauge the seriousness of the issue.  I didn't find anything to scary so decided to wait and see how he was when I returned home from work.

This evening, he was still holding his mouth open with his tongue sticking out but now his lower jaw was trembling. He did not look happy. I inquired with the emergency vet regarding his condition and they thought it would be wise to get him looked over. So off to the emergency vet we went.

The vet discovered that his jaw is loose and askew.  She could pop it back in place but it would fall back out of alignment rather easily. When his jaw is askew the teeth prevent his mouth from fully closing and the trembling may be the result of pain. She didn't know what might be causing this and indicated she had not seen such a condition before.  The decision was made to keep him overnight and Wednesday morning our regular vet, Annabelle Zastrow, will begin the comprehensive diagnostic process.

Not knowing the extent of his condition is stirring up all sorts of horrible fears and worries. I keep trying to stop the fear from overwhelming me by telling myself there is no need to worry about possible outcomes - better to wait until knowing some real information based on a skilled vet's assessment. Meanwhile, I pray for my sweet Theo, that he will be comfortable and ultimately alright.

He is scheduled for sedation and x-rays at 10am tomorrow.  I hope sometime soon after that to have a better idea of what is going on.

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