Wednesday, November 30, 2011

kitten update

I haven't seen mama or her kittens since Monday night. Come Tuesday morning they were long gone. BK is still here but he's not telling me where his family is or why they left.

I walked around the neighborhood looking for possible places where mama kitty's nest might be and found two potential places that are in the alley across the street. Both are well sheltered, unheated and secured, so I can't get access to them. I'm not sure what else to do at this point than to wait and see if she comes back.


  1. I just read your last post tonight. Oh dear..I can surely understand your concern. I'm not sure what your weather is like but I expect it is getting cold. I'm glad someone is able to help with this situation. I think with our warmer weather (everywhere) this year we have an extra kitten season. That, we don't need. I hope you have a good shelter there that will take them if you get them. Pretty soon it will not be easy to find kittens to adopt so hopefully if they are not too wild they will be put up for adoption. They look just a little younger than the one I still have at my home. Good luck. Keep us posted. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  2. Your kitty family may have other "homes". My aunt and uncle have a cat that shows up every few days. They don't know where else he goes but suspect he is enjoying kibbles from other kind hearted people.

  3. Best you can hope is that she has a safe spot for everyone and that she will bring them back to visit once she realizes what a nice place you have. :)

  4. We're all waiting for news on the kittens.....

    Thanks. Glad you liked my blog. It was fun to do once I got over the sock monkey creepiness.

  5. I hope she comes back, you must be so worried! Please keep us posted! =^..^=


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