Saturday, February 4, 2012


How do you spell relief from migraine?

B - U - D - D - Y

Buddy starts by applying his healing paws to my hurting eyes...

and then follows with a perfect snuggle with maximum purrs.

So much for living it up on a Friday night. Thankfully, with Buddy's healing snuggles, a dose of Migranal and Celebrex, a damp cloth over my eyes and 14 hours of sleep the worst of it is over.

Until next time my dreaded migraine foe!


  1. I hate Migraines! I don't get them often anymore but wow they knock me off my kiester for sure. I'm glad Buddy is a good cure. Kitties are like that...yep they are. Hope you are feeling much better. Hugs, Linda

  2. Buddy is a loving furbaby. All the kitties who came before me have always helped mom and her sons. I will too. It's a proud tradition. xox

  3. Oh, you poor thing! Glad you are feeling's all Buddy's doing...not the meds...oh no...Buddy for sure.
    Jane x

  4. Migraines are serious stuff! Our mom just had an episode too. It knocks her out for three days. Buddy does a great job! Power to the healing paw!

  5. wow, we hope you are feeling better.. (our friend suffers from these and its awful)... what a super nurse you have... is he on prescription? Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  6. I LOVE how cats always know when they need to make you feel better ;o)

  7. Awww what a super cat! I used to get migraines alot, until I cut out caffeine and cheese, I only very rarely get one if I am too stressed now!!

    1. So sorry about the migraine.

      It seems like you are getting the very best of care, though. What could be better than kitty care?

      By the way, Motor has been forlorn. He would like you to pass a message on to Willow to reconsider his offer for a date. Tell her he is the sweetest, cutest cat in CA and since he is the master of meowing (he talks a lot), that she won't get tired of his company.

      That was from Motor. I am just the messenger.

  8. This is so sweet! Banjo does the same thing to me when I have a migraine headache. He rubs his head right at my eye. And normally, he is not that cuddly. Isn't it amazing what animals can sense? Beautiful.

    Furry friends are the best!
    xo Catherine

  9. It looks like Dr. Buddy has things well under control. I'm continually amazed at the intuitiveness of cats. What would we do without our felines?


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