Thursday, February 9, 2012

new bed!

We just got our giant new kitty bed!! Hopefully the kitties, share it with us.

Theo, the first to test out the new bed

Believe it or not, it's our very first real bed! It only took 17 years! It's a really simple design. Soon, we will be getting a new mattress to go with the new bed, I can't wait.

The bed is from LL Bean (Rangeley Bed) and it was actually made in Maine, USA! Can you believe it?! It's made from Ash and it feels very solid. The craftsmanship is fantastic, I really like the simple look of it. Assembly even went smoothly. I was a little worried when I saw the beat-to-hell condition of the boxes, but somehow the pieces arrived without damage.

And check this out, the bed was manufactured for us just 5 days ago! We ordered it on January 28, it was created on February 3rd and we received it at the house (Maine to Washington State) on February 7th. It's amazing the finish had time to dry before they shipped it.

We also ordered a small bench for the mudroom from LL Bean. It was made in China and although it went together rather easily, one leg is a quarter inch shorter than the others - which is not going to work! 

On a separate note, when loving on Oliver this evening, I noticed he has a smaller laceration just under his left eye. That really bothers me, I don't know if he has been fighting or what happened, but I don't like seeing fresh wounds, especially so close to the eye. I think I will re-double my efforts this coming weekend of introducing him to the inside cats. I'll also check Oliver over to see if he has any other wounds and I'll keep an eye on laceration to make sure it doesn't get infected.

Also, someone asked about Oliver's Family. I have not seen all four black cats together since the day of trapping. I have seen one or maybe two of the family back in the late evening, but never together. So, I don't really know if they are all back or how they are doing. They have regressed back to being very skittish and fearful. 

I have noticed that lately in the mornings, all the food I put out at night is gone, so I am assuming that means they are all coming late and feasting, but it that is only one of many possibilities as to where the food is going. It would be fun to get a wildlife camera to see who is really getting the food. But with all this new furniture, that's not in the budget!


  1. Paws crossed for Oliver! :-)

    Concats on the bed! Our human hasn't had a "real" bed since childhood, just various mattresses and box springs. A headboard to prop up and read at night would be fabulous.

    Hope you get the new mattress soon--don't scrimp on quality, it's so important.

  2. Poor Oliver. We hope the indoor kitties will accept him (and vice versa) so he can stay safe but still probably go out to keep you company while you work in the yard. :)
    We hope the giant kitty bed is large enough for ALL of you!

  3. Nice bed.

    We know you worry about Oliver's family. It isn't uncommon for cats that have been trapped to be more skittish. Given some time you will start seeing them around again. For right now, they associate you and the yard with the traps and need some time to realize they are going to be safe.

    Good luck with the introductions!!

  4. Congrats on the new bed frame! I haven't had a "real" bed frame since I was a kid and I'm 33. I'm really loving the bench you got for the mudroom. I'm sorry that one leg is shorter. I'm hoping everything goes smoothly if you plan on returning it for another one.

    I really hope Oliver and the inside kitties can get along. I personally know how heart breaking it can be to know that the kitties are outside fighting (or even outside in the cold) and then they come back injured. That's probably why I have 7 cats now. Ha! Good luck!

    On another note....I wanted to thank you for doing this blog. It's rather comforting to me to know that there are other people out there that fret & worry over the feral/stray cats as much as I do, and whom love their inside kitties as much as I do! Thanks for all that you! Your kitties are very lucky to have you and your wife as their parental units. :)

  5. All that bed just for kitties? Wow! You've GOTTA tell me how you got your peeps to get you that. We have to share beds with peeps. You're so lucky!

  6. If you are able to sleep twisted up like a pretzel, then you and the kitties will manage just fine. We don't need yoga classes after sleeping with the cats on the bed!
    DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hope that Oliver will be able to settle.
    Jane x

  7. I'm going to get a larger bed so I can have my furry kid sleep with me without being pushed off the not him! LOL.
    Hope Oliver is OK and can be brought inside. good luck. I love that bed frame! hugs, Linda

  8. Hey, that came from my neck of the woods :)

    Good luck with Oliver and your kitties..

  9. Nice bed! We got a cal king so that we could all fit on the bed with the cats.
    I hope you can find a way to have Oliver join your indoor cats.

  10. If you have a room you can shut off for Oliver, you will have better luck with integrating. Good luck to all! That is one nice kitty bed :)

  11. If you have a Petsmart nearby, I have used this in the past, and it did seem to help. It is a pheramone collar, similar to the feliway, but they wear it. It has a rather pleasant smell, and you could pick one up for Oliver - and perhaps one for his arch nemesis. They last 30 days, and are fairly inexpensive. The thing I like most about them, unlike Feliway which fixes an area - this stays with the cat as the cat moves around. Hoping the link I am going to paste works, if not - it is the SentryHC Good Behavior Calming Collar.

  12. I hope the kitties let you sleep in your new bed, MOL!!

    1. Congrats on the new bed!!

      Am I to understand that you are bringing Oliver inside? I hope it works out in the long run. This is what I was hoping you would do. I couldn't imagine you giving him up. The 2 of you are so bonded.

  13. That's fabulous news about the new bed and amazing how quickly you got it.
    We are purring for Oliver.



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