Wednesday, March 28, 2012

photo contest

The annual Purrfect Pals Average Joe Cat Show is coming up on May 5th. One of the many fun fundraising activities the organizers put together is a photo contest. I decided to get in on it this year by entering a picture of Theo and Willow. Theo is in the best black and white photo category and Willow is in the best sleeping cat photo and best contented cat photo categories.

Click on the link below each photo to go to the Average Joe Cat Show site. There are some other great photos posted, so the competition will be tough. Each vote is $1 USD.

I hope I win the contest, but in the end the real winners are the thousands of cats that Purrfect Pals helps each year.


  1. Love that mugshot of Theo--one tough cat! I'll vote!

  2. I love these photos! Both so lovely. I hope you will win. It is a very fun way to help cats!

  3. We LOVE those photos! ....especially the surly looking first one!
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  4. LOVING the mugshot! Both of them but the mug shot got me smiling.

  5. LOVE both shots, but Theo's mug shot makes mom smile!! we agree - winning would be nice, but helping cats is always a great reward...

  6. Oh sweet! Well I think both kitties are winners. Good luck to both! I love that other kitties will be helped in the end. Fantastic!
    xo Catherine

  7. is Willow about long distant relationships.... :) Such an angelcat as she snoozes there!



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