Friday, March 2, 2012

Sticky Paws revisited

It was two years ago yesterday, when I first reviewed Sticky Paws, a product that is intended to deter cats from getting on or scratching surfaces. My first few attempts at using this product were complete fails. None of the indoor cats were deterred, they had no problems walking on a sticky surface. They even turned it into a toy!

Since then, the remaining product has been sitting on the shelf collecting dust. It occurred to me last night that maybe this product would have an effect on Oliver. I've been wanting to deter him from jumping up in the window and getting Buddy all stirred up. So, last night, I got my Sticky Paws, went out and applied two strips to the outside window sill. Of course, as I was doing this, Oliver was at my feet in the yard. Upon completing this task, I made my way back inside.

Once back in the house, I was greeted with the shrieks and snarls of Buddy trying to attack Oliver through the window. Oliver didn't waste any time proving to me what a completely worthless product Sticky Paws is. Maybe others have had positive experiences with Sticky Paws, but thus far all six of my cats have not been deterred in the least by stepping on a sticky surface. Time for me to repurpose the double sided tape into something that is actually useful.

Oliver, antagonizing Buddy while standing on the Sticky Paws strips

My local newspaper published a front page article in yesterday's paper on the grassroots Community Cat Coalition, the TNR group that I have recently connected with. Nancy, my TNR mentor, is featured in the story. There's also an unnamed reference to Oliver and his family!

TNR on the front page, I think that's pretty awesome! I'm pleasantly surprised to see that the comments people left on the news article site are actually supportive. I hardly ever read what people have to say in those comments anymore because they are usually overly negative and antagonistic.


  1. I'm glad people made supportive comments regarding your work with the ferals. When my peep does fund-raising for our local animal shelter, she always runs into at least one negative person but she says it's okay. She says that most people ARE supportive. It's just that the very few who are not, are louder and way more obnoxious. That's why they stand out. But they're standing ALONE.

  2. Maybe the double-sided tape will work for fly catching. LOL. I use "sticky sticks" in my house plants -- small bits of fly paper that fit onto a stick that you poke into the soil, so those pesky little flies that like to live in plant soil are eliminated. It actually works. Can look quite gross if you have a real infestation.

    Really super about the TNR being on the front page and all the positive, supportive comments. Fabulous!

  3. Hurray for TNR making the front page! That is awesome!

    My experience with Sticky Paws has been somewhat successful. When it is new, it works, but over time when it loses its stickiness or gets accidentally pulled off, it needs to be replaced. I ended up just making my own with packing tape!...much cheaper that way.

  4. I've never heard of sticky paws. It wouldn't work with my bunch...they don't care what they walk on to get what they want! Good news about TNR getting good press, as you said so often cat rescue groups get really negative comments.. the emptiest vessels make the loudest noise.
    Jane x

  5. Never tried Sticky Paws so nothing to share here. Great news about the article and TNR!

  6. Yeah, mom says if you want to try this, just try double sided tape from a craft store - cheaper in case it doesn't work. :)

    So glad to hear about the TNR and positive comments - it is nice to see a news outlet covering this the way it SHOULD be.

  7. Ah, I understand your frustration with the Sticky Paws. I had used double sided tape to try to deter Cosmo and Ling from scratching the sofa. The next day, I woke to find some bits of it missing. I kept close watch and was horrified to find Ling actually EATING it.
    I did find that putting plastic bags over places I didn't want them to get on seem to deter them.

  8. The article with you in it should have been the headliner and not useless Sticky Tape! I see Buddy is still ferociously defending the Clan. I saw a show on TV:My Cat from Hell where one house cat terrorized another, and they were brought together slowly--one in one room with the door partitioned so the other could not get at it--by giving both food and treats AT the partition site when they were both there, making a positive experience of their proximity. Eventually they ignored each other and no partition. Great story & choice to fly Theo home below!

  9. Oh no. I just put Sticky Paws up to try to keep Katie from scratching my kitchen cabinets!

  10. It's great that the TNR group are getting some publicity!

    It is a shame that the sticky product doesn't work, I have never used anything like that, so good to know what it is like before I waste money.

  11. I've always wondered about Sticky Paws... good to know!

  12. Ha ha ha...we tried Sticky Paws to keep my kids off the kitchen counter but did not work!! One of them did not like at first but he got used to it very soon.


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