Thursday, December 27, 2012

newsy stuffs

With all the bad news lately, I thought it might be good to highlight some positive news.

I saw this news article the other day in the local paper, now I see it is getting more attention. Meet Sable, a working senior cat. Every school day she's out there on the sidewalk helping the school children cross the road safely.
Photo courtesy of Yakima Herald
Sable looks like Oliver! Maybe I should get him an orange safety vest too. CNN picked up the story:

In other news, the 2012 Home for the Holidays pet adoption event is now over. Over $6,000 was raised for the Community Cat Coalition (helps feral cats) and more money was raised for the many other animal rescue groups who participated. And then there are all the dogs and cats that were adopted!! I haven't got a total on number of cats and dogs who found new homes, but it was a lot! Seeing all those animals find their new homes was exhilarating! I want to say a huge thank you to Janet the owner of Paddywack, an amazing local pet products store who donated so much to make this event a huge success!! 

Hershey remains home with me, even though lots of people looked him over, no one wanted to take him home. At the end of the event, as I was driving Hershey home, I felt a huge feeling of relief, that no one had taken my Hershey from me! He's still available for adoption even though my heart doesn't want to give him up, I know it'll be better for him and for my resident cats. Meanwhile he can stay here as long as it takes, although that might not be long as Janet from Paddywack has invited him to hang out in their adoption room with several other wonderful cats. From what I hear, cats don't have to wait long to get adopted from there. So, when an opening comes, we'll give that a try!

Oh, and a short follow-up on last week's picture of Theo climbing the window. That's just something he does when he gets his crazies on. He's not chasing bugs or anything, he just runs around the house and then tries to climb the walls! It's amazing how far he can pull himself up with those long front legs! You should have seen him before we found out his thyroid was hyperactive! 


  1. That is such great news about the fundraising! I know how hard it will be to give up Hershey but he does need a home where he will be numero uno! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

    hugs, Linda

  2. All good news. I understand the 'lump in the throat' when we have to let them go. You know how lousy I am at fostering.:-(
    Good Luck and have a great weekend. Hugs, Deb

  3. Great news, thank you for posting! Love that Santa/Father Christmas. He's wonderful--real beard and moustache! And the costume is terrific.

    Fingers and paws crossed for Hershey, that he finds his forever home for the new year. :-)

  4. I heard about that crossing card cat and loved it!

  5. That crossing guard cat is great. I'm glad it is black kitty, too!

    I know Hershey will end up in a wonderful home.

    Yeah...the crazies. I climb window screens, too.

  6. Like an idiot I went to the Paddywack website to look at the adoptable cats. I want "Busy". I can't get enough tuxies, and her whiskers are outstanding! Good thing we don't live nearby. I cannot imagine getting a fourth cat at this point!

  7. I adore that photo of Santa and the kittens! Might that be on Facebook somewhere so I can share it??

    Paws crossed Hershey gets a home you can't help but love and want him to go to!!

  8. Wow, that Sable is amazing. What a great story!

  9. Love good news
    Our family likes to reach up the walls fur, well, just cause we are cats of course


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