Monday, December 31, 2012

winding down the year

As 2012 comes to a close, I look back over the year and find myself very thankful for the health and wellbeing of the cats. All five permanent residents, four outside and the one foster cat have all had good years. For this I am immensely thankful. Hopefully, this doesn't change in the last hours of the year.

Every so often Oliver has a way of giving me a scare and Sunday was one of those days. In the morning Laura broke up a fight between Oliver and a white cat that lives down on the opposite corner of the block. Oliver went chasing after the white cat. When Oliver didn't return all day I got worried. It's very unlike him to be gone for that long and to miss his wet-food breakfast.

I walked around the block and the alleys but found no sign of him. Since I didn't find his body along the road, I was hoping he was okay and just visiting with his family. Yes, I worry about Oliver quite a bit and I always imagine the worst.

He finally reappeared on the back porch around mid-afternoon. I picked up him and gave him an inspection and he seemed fine. I didn't notice any obvious wounds. He refused to tell me where he had been. A little while later I noticed there was spots of dried blood on my shirt.

With Laura's help we did a more thorough inspection and found he had a small cut and a patch of missing fur on his front leg. Even more disturbing is that most all of his front claws on both paws have been torn off. Most all of them are nearly completely gone. He must be in a fair amount of pain, but he's not showing any signs of it.

battle wound on front leg
I can't think how this could have happened. A cat fight wouldn't result with missing claws. He would have had to be scratching something hard for a long time. It's hard to leave him out there this evening but I'm not sure what else to do.

Ever sine returning, he's been hyper-vigilant about every movement that might be something. The slightest little thing startles him. He's having a hard time settling, it's like he's experiencing post traumatic stress. MK is cuddling with him in his heated loft bed tonight, hopefully that helps soothe his pain.

Oliver and MK cuddling in Oliver's loft bed
Come daylight on Monday, Laura and I will give him an even more thorough inspection and depending on what we find, I may take him over to get looked over by the vet. I don't want any of his wounds to get infected. And some pain medicine might be in order.

To calm some of my anxiety this evening, I went ahead and put another collar on Oliver. We'll see how long this one lasts. I've started looking around for GPS tracking devices, so that way I'll be able to keep an eye on his whereabouts. Now I need to start saving my pennies for such a gadget.

So, here's to finishing 2012 with everyone staying healthy and well!! I hope your 2013 is filled with abundant blessings! Happy New Year!!


  1. I know how scary it gets when your cat is missing. I guess Oliver got trapped someplace and he wanted to scratch his way out ... but missing several toes... how could that have happened? I know how anxious you feel about his safety now... he really must have been scared, the poor boy. I hope he stays close to your home and doesn't venture out.

    Have a great and peaceful New Year!

  2. That's paw-ful! I'm so sorry to hear about Oliver. He looks like such a nice kitty. My pal Casey, had his salivary gland clawed at a couple of years ago and to this day, I have no idea how he got it. I sympathize and to me it might sound like he was tortured (note I hope I'm wrong about that). Poor kitty.

  3. Poor Oliver! Now that we have an indoor/outdoor cat I know the fear when they are gone too long. It does sound like he got trapped somewhere. I hope he will be OK soon. Sending you hugs and all the kitties chin skritches! hugs, Linda

  4. That's terrible. Be sure to let us know how he is doing. We do hope it is just one of those onetime freakish things! We hope 2013 brings you much health and happiness. XOXO

  5. Poor Oliver! That must be very painful. I do hope you can get him to the vet to get things checked out. I agree that he must have gotten trapped or stuck. I wish he could be an indoor cat, although I know you have a full house and purrsonality conflict issues with Oliver and Buddy.

  6. poor Oliver - it does sound like he may have gotten trapped in somewhere.....

    keep up the good work with everyone. purrs for a joyous 2013

  7. Wow, that's got to hurt... I wish we lived closer - I have left over Metacam for pain...

  8. Hoping the best for poor Oliver and purring for a speedy recovery. Happy New Year! Purrs from your friends at

  9. Oh dear - we sure hope Oliver gets back to his old self soon. It's almost like someone pulled out his claws. What a cruel human to have done that. Poor kitty. I hate to accuse someone in your neighborhood, but what else could have caused it??

  10. Oh my goodness! Purrs for Oliver and his poor toes. The Baby ran out once (for two very long days) and when she got back her nails were worn to nubs too, and we think she got caught in a cement culvert or drain to sand them down so far.
    Let's hope that's the end of the excitement.

    Happy Mew Year from all of us at the Katnip Lounge!

  11. Purring big time for Oliver. It does sound like he perhaps got caught somewhere like a fence or grate and to get out pulled his claws. Hope he is OK! Thank you for caring for all your animals.

    May 2013 be a year of happiness, peace and laughter for you and yours.

    cats of wildcat woods

  12. Purrs fur Oliver to heal up.
    Agree with the posts that he may have been stuck somewhere
    Bet he does not go back there

  13. It sure does sound like Oliver got stuck somewhere; maybe trying to hide or escape from the white cat or some bad people.

    We hope that his leg wound heals quickly. We know you are aware (because of all your experience) how innocuous looking cat wounds can be deep and cause an unseen abscess.

    Poor Oliver.

  14. YOu are the best Daddy ever was. You really are.

  15. Happy New Year Oliver along with your fursibs in and out of the house and your mom and dad. xoxoxo I hope to be back before long. I have truly missed you.

  16. I do so sympathize - not knowing is the worst, and I always worry horribly when they are "past due" their time back. Best wishes for beautiful Oliver's recovery. Here I share one of our recent "mysteries".


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