Saturday, January 26, 2013

cuddle work

One might think that all cats are natural snugglers, that proper snuggle technique is innate.

Nahum and Rose sure make it look easy.

Willow and Buddy might need a little more practice.


  1. Well, Willow looks comfy enough...Buddy looks less than impressed though. :-)

  2. I agree. I have 3 cats. Andy, Kiefer and Gus. It wasn't until Gus came that Kiefer learned to snuggle. Andy, still prefers, not to snuggle. A few days ago, I saw Gus with his head draped over Kiefer's back and both sound asleep. I squeed!

  3. practice makes perfect - though sometimes it may require changing partners :)

  4. Well, at least Buddy's bum is warm!

  5. I think Willow needs to think things through a bit about choosing where to snuggle. We don't do much around here. Oja and I will snuggle and groom each other for a while, but it usually turns into a rasslin' match. Mom hasn't seen either Rocio or Austin snuggling, but they do nap near each other sometimes.



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