Tuesday, January 6, 2015

inside kitty campaign

Thank you everyone for your purrs for Buddy and for the encouraging words. I am so grateful for all my kitty-blogging friends! Riding the emotional roller coaster of geriatric health problems is never easy, not being alone on the coaster makes the journey easier to endure.

Meanwhile, look who continues to make a solid case for being an inside kitty...

if only he didn't like to spray his pee all over. So sad.


  1. Oh Oliver! Must be some feral cat response to being inside. Wonder what Jackson Galaxy would say about that?

  2. Oliver is VERY comfy inside! Yes, it's unfortunate that he sprays inside, I'm not sure there's anything to be done about it. I still think he has a pretty darned wonderful life with you!

  3. Have you tried the Feliway plug ins or sprays? Maybe that would relax him a little.

  4. Oh Oliver!! You are so sweet but you have to stop that Pee Spray stuff!

  5. poor boy....it is a shame that people can't explain stuff like this to kitties

  6. Being an inside kitty can sure be fun!

  7. Sorry to hear Oliver has been sick, Me too..I hope it's not too late to purrs more for you to get better to 100%
    Mom used to watch Jackson's shows. It has answers about it..but she couldn't remember how, but you probably find it in YouTube..serious !
    Take care

  8. Oliver...Oliver...please. Just don't. xxoo


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