Tuesday, August 4, 2015

double vet visit fun

Marvin did great yesterday! He talked (very loudly) to me the entire way to the office, I think he was sharing his last will and testament. I didn't need to announce our arrival at the office as he did that for us! That boy has some Siamese pipes, wow!

He went in to have his remaining teeth extracted, because the rescue vet said they were rough shape. But the vet at the surgery place only pulled the really loose one and cleaned up the remainder. So, now he's back in factory specs and ready to roll! Go Marvin!!

Meanwhile, Buddy went to the our regular vet.
Pre-vet visit tummy rubs!
His trip wasn't pre-planned, as he had stopped eating sometime over the weekend but his vomiting continued, so we wanted to get him checked out, particularly his kidney and thyroid values.

During the physical exam the vet felt something odd in his innards, somewhere near the intestines and wanted to check it out, so a few x-rays later she saw something that looked a little odd. The blood work showed that his kidneys are a little better than last time and thyroid is right where it should be. I was very happy to hear about those kidney values! Thyroid is responding well to the methimazole.

The next diagnostic option was ultrasound, so I went ahead and opted for that (I love my cat insurance!) The ultrasound revealed no tumor, so that's good, but it showed what she believes might be irritable bowel syndrome, something she thinks may have been there awhile. The other possible option is some form of lymphoma. So, for now we treat with basic steroid and hope for the best.

Of course right when he got back home, he made us a big liar, he started eating up again just fine! Buddy! Even with a shaved tummy, he's still very much Buddy and wants his tummy rubbed on demand. It's good to have him home and eating again.


  1. Great news for Marvin, that he did so well and even got to keep some teeth.

    Lots of purrs to Buddy, we hope whatever it is will be easy enough to treat/manage.

  2. Yay for both Marvin and Buddy! We have ultrasound scheduled for Saturday for Chuck; for Irritable Bowel and his heart. I haven't looked into insurance, because Angel and Chuck are 11 years old already. But I found a vet with good pricing for ultrasounds, so wish us luck!

  3. Good for Marvin and good for Buddy. Dang, they are handsome dudes!

  4. so glad Marvin's teeth weren't as bad as they had originally thought.

    And yes, something about taking a cat to the vet because they aren't eating makes them all nommy again..

  5. I hope Marvin feels better, and can eat more. Let's hope Buddy is okay. Older kitties keep us on our toes.

  6. guys....all N all sounds like sum grate ree ports frum de vetz place oh eeeeeeeeeeevil....

    marvin...due knot forgetz ta put yur tooth under a pillow two nite...two morrow it will haz terned itself in two a pile oh perch !!! YAY ~~~

    buddy...we hope de funkee goin on in yur belly iz nothin bad seer ee uz...high paws ta eatin when ya getted home !!!! YAY ~~~~

    st francis' blessings two ewe both...him haz plentee ta spare & iz willing ta share ~~ ♥♥♥

  7. good news for Marvin!! now to find him a forever home!

    Buddy - messing with the dad will only get you trips to the stabby place. keep eating handsome boy

  8. I will pray for both kitties. I am glad only one extraction was needed. Did you know I am the tooth fairy? Email me your address to pilch92@aol.com and I will send some crocheted catnip toys :)

  9. yay for Marvin!!
    Crossing paws for Buddy....it is concerning me that I am hearing about more cats with IBD than I ever recall hearing. Wondering why this is?


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