Monday, August 3, 2015


Camping with Oliver was such a fun time, I decided to go it again on Saturday night!

This time he didn't come around until much later, so that gave me some time to play with the camera. Managed to get one picture of the stars that was somewhat decent.

Once inside and full from his snacks, he settled right in for some serious cuddles and sleep!

I don't think the bonding time had the desired effect I was hoping for. Come Sunday night, Oliver once again disobeyed curfew, he was no where to be found. Dang! Now, I've taken to pulling all the feral food except for what's on the back porch. That way, if he wants to eat, he has to come in.

Meanwhile, have you met Marvin? He's my latest rescue. I got an email from someone that they had been seeing him come around for about a week. He was (is) super skinny. So, I went over a week ago last Friday and trapped him (you can read more about him here).

He's an older non-microchipped, neutered boy and thankfully he tested negative for FIV and FeLV (yah!) and appears generally healthy except for being way too thin and for having a mouth full of rotten teeth. The vet wiggled his right top canine and it was quite loose. Poor guy.

I LOVE his coloring, he's such a good looking boy and he seems to have a sweet temperament.

You can see his right upper canine sticks out more than the other.

Marvin will be going in for surgery this morning to have all of his remaining teeth extracted. He'll be feeling so much better when this is all done. He must be in so much pain with all those rotten teeth. I can't wait to get to know his personality when he's healed up and able to fully relax! Meanwhile, I'll be doing some research on lost cats to see if someone could be looking for him.


  1. Poor Marvin. He sure is handsome and we know he will feel lots better soon.

  2. Thank you for taking care of Marvin! He's a handsome lad; maybe an excellent adoption candidate! Just read about your camping it! Guess Oliver is just too territorial...maybe when he's a bit older (?) he'll mellow out.

  3. Marvin looks like he has some oriental lineage in him. He sure will feel better with all those bad teeth gone! He is a stunner.

  4. Poor Marvin. Lots of healing purrs to him, we hope his recovery is quick. He is especially elegant, isn't he? He'll be a real beauty once he's had enough time to fatten up under your care. Derry can spare a couple of pounds. :-)

    P.S. We think you did great with the starry sky shot!

  5. Too bad about his teeth, but he will be in a happier mood once the pain is gone. Amazing that he is not snarling now! I do not know what to do about Oliver. Need to consult a cat behaviorist for some tips!

  6. What a beautiful cat Marvin is (and all I can think of is Marvin the Martian - but it is your fault with that pretty star photograph) Purrs for a quick surgery and speedy recovery for him

    and may Oliver learn his curfew is for his own good.

  7. best laid planz oh mice & men thiz case....catz & dad !!! dont brake cur few again ~~

    marvin, st francis' blessings......ewe R a handsum dood....all de veree veree best two ewe ~


  8. Ohh the poor baby. Marvin is so cute. He'll feel much better when he loses all the bad teethies and gains some weight. I've got a few pounds I can let him have. lol! Hope he finds a good forever home soon.


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