Sunday, August 7, 2016

healing options

While I've been out of commission with non-stop migraines and migraine-related nausea lately, the kitties are stepping up to help me.

 Marvin demonstrates his get in your face and purr-therapy method:

While Buddy' uses the combination of healing paws and tummy rubs to bring about healing:

The cats love that I've been spending most of my time horizontal. I can't do anything that requires sight or head movements, but I can love on the kitties who visit me when I'm down. I'm very grateful for compassionate, loving kitties!

I have medications that work wonders for the actual migraine pain, but lately, it's been the pre-migraine nausea that's killing me. I get crazy sensitive to motion and light which leaves me in a perpetual state of nausea (like never ending motion sickness). I went to the walk-in clinic today hoping they might have some kind of anti-nausea magic pill. The compassionate doc gave me two medications to try. The first did nothing for the nausea but knocked me out with drowsiness. The second dialed back the nausea within minutes - it was like magic! Of course the one that works requires special prior-authorization from insurance before they can give me a full month's supply - hopefully that won't be a problem. I'm grateful to have this break from the nausea hell, even when I know it's a short one.

I had 10 days of non-stop nausea hell right before I went on a work trip to Tennessee. I almost cancelled the trip because of how awful I felt, but last minute decided to try. The first morning I woke in Tennessee, I was nausea free, I felt human again! That lasted until my return to the Pacific Northwest. The day after returning, the nausea came right back where it had left off. I'm wondering if it's some kind of weird environmental allergy to a local mold or something, I keep thinking through what was different about my time in TN. One thing is that I was without cats in Tennessee, gosh that would be awful if I learned cats triggered my migraines. Before I go too far with that crazy thought, I'll wait and see what the allergy testing reveals. I'm scheduled for testing on Friday morning.

A few pics from my recent Tennessee experience:

Be well and enjoy this moment.


  1. I hope you'll get permanent relief from both the nausea and the migraines. While I've not experienced a migraine as bad as yours, I *have* thrown up from them on occasion, the pain being so bad. So I have some inkling of what you're going through. I'm also getting what I presume are occular migraines now, no pain, just since late June or early July. It's bizarre, because I think there IS something to regional allergies. I've heard a couple of people comment (including one pharmacist) that our city/area is terrible for allergies. I have no idea why! I certainly hope your troubles are NOT because of a cat allergy!

    Good luck with the testing, let us know how you're doing, if you want to and are up to it. I'm glad you have good "nurses".

    Purrs and purrayers to you all, and especially to Buddy.


    P.S. Love the photos, the horses and the glorious sky shot in particular.

  2. My Dad doesn't get migraines but he is allergic to kitties, but he says oh well to that. We hope you feel better soon.

  3. I am so glad you liked TN. which is where I am as I mentioned before. I have the occular migraines, but the pain is small. Its the vision disturbance that puts everything on hold. Your pain is horrendous from your "standard" migraine. I am thinking it may indeed be something that is environmental. I'll be glad that you'll have some idea after Friday when you get your allergy testing. I had the scratch test 10 years ago and it brought about some horrible news. :-) I was allergic to beef, potatoes, cranberries, shrimp and dogs along with ash trees, dust and buckwheat! But beef, potatoes and cranberries...just shoot me now.

  4. Oh and now I am allergic to Katie but at least it does't cause pain. I hope to goodness you are "up and running" quickly.

  5. Welcome to Tennessee! I do hope you get your migraines sorted out. I had crazy allergies when I was living in California, and got allergy tested and found out that I am slightly allergic to now I take lots of antihistamines, certainly not giving up my two babies! Good luck and keep us posted!

  6. Sorry to hear you are suffering so much, I hope something can be done. Oh no to kitty allergies! Big Hugs to you and the therapy kitties!

  7. I sure hope you feel better and hope that there is some relief for you if you find it's allergy related.

  8. My sister just announced that she's been suffering from vertigo and was given anti-nausea meds. I've had a bout or two of that, and I can well imagine how awful you were feeling! Hopefully the allergy test helps you out...let us know!

  9. You could try a night or two at a local hotel and see if it is the cats.. not that I think it is, but it would rule it out faster than allergy testing :)

  10. I hope you feel better soon, migraines and nausea sound awful.


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