Tuesday, August 30, 2016

remembering Buddy

1999 - August 22, 2016
June 15, 2011
Buddy came home to live with us in June 2011. He was 12 years old and had been surrendered to a cat shelter after his aging human was no longer able to take care of him. We visited the shelter that day with no intention of taking home a cat, we only wanted to check out their new location. We thought we might just pop into one of the cat colony rooms to "visit" with the cats! And then this happened...

June 15, 2011
And this...

June 15, 2011
Not one for making rash decisions, we had to think on this. So, we went to grab some dinner and then came back for another visit, this time in a private room.

June 15, 2011
June 15, 2011
Well, next thing you know we had a bundle of joy riding home with us!

June 15, 2011
Buddy settled right in at his new home.
June 15, 2011
June 16, 2011

June 29, 2011

July 10, 2011

Oct 1, 2011
Dec 7, 2011
Buddy came to us knowing how to competently navigate the world. Nothing seemed to phase him or be too much for him to master. Not even the evil suck monster scared him, in fact he seemed to enjoy that it scared all the other cats, so he got to be an only cat for a time! Cat doors, yep, no problem, no hesitation, like he's done this a million times.
Jan 17, 2012
Buddy was a master snuggler. His favorite thing above all was having his tummy rubbed. I could rub his tummy for hours and both of us would be quite happy!
Jan 19, 2012
Jan 28, 2012
Buddy never really cared much for Oliver. He would get all worked up every time Oliver made his presence known, but over time, Buddy came to just ignore him.
Feb 18, 2012
Buddy was such a junk food kitty! We tried all sorts of expensive wet foods but he refused any of them. It was only Friskies or Fancy Feast for this junk food kitty!
Feb 25, 2012
One of Buddy's favorite places to hang out was on the stove, guaranteed to be warm.
Apr 8, 2012
Buddy didn't play much with the other cats, the exception was Nahum. He enjoyed a good tussle with Nahum, who was always extra gentle with him. I was happy to see them tussle a few days before we let him go, it was a moment of him feeling good.
Apr 11, 2012

May 18, 2012
 Buddy worshiped the sun! Nothing better than napping in the sun!
May 19, 2012
 He also had a thing for the nip.
May 21, 2012

Jul 27, 2012

Jan 17, 2014

May 2, 2014

Jun 14, 2014
Being a senior when he got him, Buddy always had arthritis in his back legs. As a result, he knew not to try any crazy jumping. All year around, he always had access to three heated spots - the top of the stove, which was first come first serve. It's a popular place and frequently occupied by some kitty. He also had a small heating pad in the rocking chair. Amazingly, this spot was only for him, none of the other kitties ever took a turn, somehow they knew this spot always needed to be available for the Budster.
Nov 14, 2014
 The third heated spot was a heating pad on the trunk, again a first come, first serve spot.
Dec 9, 2014
Being a senior, he got special privileges. (Who can argue with an old man?!) He liked to keep me company as I ate lunch. Whenever I ate a frozen Amy's Mac & Cheese, he would go crazy for the cheese sauce. He always got to lick the bowl clean after I was done! Sometimes he had a hard time waiting until I was done and would get a head start!
Jul 29, 2015
Buddy's cuddle-style was to melt into me and purr, purr, purr. Max, my first cat, knew how to become a purring pile of kitty putty too. Buddy also came knowing this amazing skill.
Sep 26, 2015
As Buddy aged, his kidneys began failing. Not long after, his thyroid started to go. And then more recently his heart. Being a skinny senior and a finicky eater, I was always concerned about him getting enough to eat. He exploited my worry by demanding to be fed whenever he wanted. Being his dutiful staff, I always obliged. It was not uncommon for him to get five or six feedings a night!
Jan 7, 2016
Certainly the thing I'll remember most about the Budster is the non-stop tummy rubs. As soon as I sat down, he came right over, climbed in my lap and assumed the position. He did this at our very first meeting at the shelter and every day we enjoyed together. Even on his last day, he climbed in my lap for a few tummy rubs.

Mar 27, 2016
Buddy was a delightful gift. He brought me much joy and delight and I know he loved being here. He was my constant companion and as such, not having him here creates quite the void in my heart. It's quieter and so much more lonely here without my cuddle-Buddy.
Jul 28, 2016
I love you my Buddy. Run free now in your young, healthy body. My dear friend Sarah will take good care of you and will give you as many tummy rubs as you want. Say hello to Max and Lassie and I look forward to seeing you again. Thank you for bringing me such joy and delight for these past five years. I will always love you my precious Tummy Rub Monster.


  1. A beautiful ode to Buddy, may he rest in peace.

  2. My tears fall for him.
    It is so nice of you writing about him this way! His last years have been good, very good. And he had a long and good life too. RIP.

  3. we are so glad that his senior years were spent with your family....and that he decided to pick you. purrs....

  4. With tears in my eyes I say thank you for this sweet and heartwarming tribute to your Buddy. I hope I would not hesitate to adopt and older cat and be the lucky one to have so much love.

  5. A beautiful, moving tribute to a very special companion. I love the photos of Buddy in your arms the most, and it's obvious from the photo at the shelter that he knew exactly that's where he wanted to be. Hugs and peace to you, and soft purrs from my boys.

  6. Beautiful. Please never doubt that Buddy enjoyed his life with you - it is so very obvious in these pictures that he felt and treasured your endless love, and reciprocated it wholeheartedly. He will always be with you, and one day you two will truly be together again. Until then, I'm sure your dear friend Sarah indeed has the tummy rubs covered. You will be in my thoughts.

  7. That is such a wonderful tribute to Buddy. What a lucky kitty he was to have you find him and give him such a good life in his elder years. He sounds like such a great cat and so glad that he had some great love at the end.

  8. What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful kitty. I know he enriched your life as much as you enriched his. Keep the happy memories.

  9. Very moving piece. Someday in future paste this up on the Buddy page. I am certain the other cats are quietly looking for him--eve
    n Oliver.


  10. Such a beautiful tribute to Buddy. He knew the right family to choose for his forever home. WE know you miss him.

  11. My whiskers sure are weepy wet. That was such a loving tribute to your special heart Buddy.

  12. I am so happy you were there for Buddy in his twilight years. Those five years he was in your home provided him with all the comfort and love he needed after losing his first home. It's not easy placing an elderly cat although they are the most loving and grateful cats. I think Buddy knew he hit the jackpot. He knew so much love. It's hard. It's hard to let them go, even if we know we must. The only solace is knowing the love, which is ever present. Forever. You gave Buddy a beautiful tribute and that was fitting for he was such a special boy. ((hugs))

  13. dood...yur dad has posted an awesum tribute for ewe....we noe him & mom lovez ewe az much az ewe lovez them ~~~~ N all wayz will...

    may ewe walk out oh yur home in heaven to 25/8 sunshine; nip feeldz az far az de eye can see N eat friskies & FF everee day, covered in cheeze sauce ♥♥♥♥♥♥

    hugs frum de trouterz; boomer, dai$y, tuna, dude & ssauce

  14. What beautiful memories of your Buddy. We send you lots of purrs....

  15. I have read this loving tribute to Buddy through tears. Buddy, as is everyone there in the household was loved with no reservation. That demonstrable love and good stewardship that exists in your home for the fur family was what drew me to become your friend and follower. Your good heart makes me feel at home while I visit. You and your family, all of you, are the most loving family I have had the privilege to meet.

  16. Buddy was incredibly handsome and a truly special mancat. Our hearts are just breaking for you. We send you our deepest sympathy and comforting (((hugs))) catchatwithcarenandcody

  17. Thanks for sharing your memories of Buddy and for taking a senior cat into your home. He clearly knew you'd be a good family when he chose you and the pictures show how very much he both was love and freely showed his love in return. While your hearts are breaking now, may Buddy's memory be a blessing for you.

  18. it is so hard to lose them but he will live on in your heart forever.

  19. This is such a beautiful post. Buddy was so handsome and I could see how you couldn't pass him up.

  20. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful photos of handsome Buddy. He was a sweet boy.

  21. I got such a lump in my throat reading your beautiful tribute to your Buddy. What a beautiful and sweet cat! You gave him a wonderful home for five years, and it sounds like he appreciated every minute of it! Prayers and tears…Many blessings...

  22. I didn't know Buddy had died. I'm sorry I didn't leave my condolences sooner. What a wonderful friend he was. You knew the value that comes with a senior cat, and he proved you right for five years. Godspeed, Buddy.

  23. What a wonderful companion he was! We know it was hard to lose Buddy, but so glad you had five good years of happy memories together! He was sure a good-looking cuddler.


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