Tuesday, September 13, 2016

throne makeover

Willow's always loved the view from atop the wicker hamper in the bathroom.  It was a frequent perch for just hanging out or a handy way to reach Buddy's food stash.

Theo however found joy in shredding the wicker lid that covered the hamper, which left it unusable for Willow. Of course, I couldn't just standby while Willow suffered without her spot, so I recently rebuilt it for her, this time with a soft, fabric top, that's fit for a queen.

Introducing the new and improved wicker laundry basket with soft throne-top!

And now the Willow test...
I approve!
 I think the boys approve too!


  1. Hmm, yes, we see how Willow (and everyone) would "suffer" with a shredded basket lid. Good thing you have such a considerate (and creative) human! :-D

  2. and this is why I love this blog.. seriously. Fostering kittens I see the worst side of humanity, it is heartwarming and so very needed to be reminded that there are people who will do things like this for their cats

  3. What won't we do for our cats? This is wonderful!

  4. WEll done and we think you got total approval!

  5. guyz....we think yur dad haz just inn vented a new cat perch!! itz awesum ❤️❤️❤️

  6. That was a sweet thing to do, it looks like a hit- or a sit :)


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