Thursday, May 11, 2017

an off Theo

Theo's been feeling a little under the weather lately.

When he doesn't finish all of his dinner we know something's amiss.

When he doesn't want cuddles ten times a day we know something's off.

Theo goes to the vet this morning to get looked over. He was just there a few weeks ago for his annual inspection and checked out perfect. Hopefully it's nothing but a bug he picked up at the vet last round.


  1. Poor Theo! Lots of purrs sent his way!

  2. Purrs and purrayers to Theo! We'll keep our paws crossed that there's nothing really amiss, particularly since his recent check-up was fine. ♥

  3. Aww, Theo really doesn't look well in these photos! Sending hugs and purrs, big and our Patty O'Malley are look-alikes!

  4. poor boy - hopefully it is just an off day

  5. Purrs dear Theo, we hope all is okay.


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