Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Willow wednesday

Willow LOVES the clothes drying rack! Big kitty jungle gym!
 Willow: rack dry only!

dinner in the blanket fort for a special girl

Had a few extra minutes on Sunday morning, so took a short walk and somehow found a spot of beauty in a sea of ugly suburbia.

Meanwhile at our local grocer - At first glance, the check out lines are littered with the usual mags. Upon second glance, what the ???

A few weeks later...

Which one is not like the other?!


  1. Willow is so sweet! My Annie looks a bit like her!

  2. That must be a very sturdy drying rack, either that or Willow is especially graceful. The times Nicki had tried with my drying racks, he manages to collapse them. Willow is such a lovely ladycat!

    As for the magazines, the ones that stood out were the "American Frontiersman" and "Cowboys and Indians", which I thought was strange. Not something we see here!

  3. Perhaps Willow was a trapeze artist in a previous life? She is adorable! Fuzzy Tales above pointed out the same 'difference' that I saw on the magazine rack.

  4. good heavens - there have to be better places to take a nap :)

  5. Willow that doesn't look real comfy! MOL

  6. ! ☺☺♥♥

  7. You climb like a goat,but you are much cuter.


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