Friday, October 20, 2017

inside time

Oliver's been loving some inside time lately.

 Happy sleeping kitties! Yah!

Theo's still not so sure about having Oliver as an inside companion.

Progress is slow but steady. Regardless of how Theo feels, I love having Oliver inside - and Oliver loves it too!


  1. So sweet! Luvin' and sleepy kitties!

  2. Sleepy time cuddles are the best.

  3. I am glad Oliver likes it inside.

  4. Oliver darling, are you trying hard to be a good good boy? I love seeing you in there. One of the saddest pictures your dad posted some couple of years ago...he himself said it was sad as you were outside looking in, literally, and you couldn't come in because I think it was Buddy, said no.

  5. I'm inside-only. When mom or dad come or go I peer out the door, but I'm a little hesitant to go out there. Happy weekend!


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