Thursday, October 19, 2017


Each girl has their own fort.

You may remember, Rose's fort is the brown fleece blanket on the chair.

Willow claims the green fleece blanket on the couch. But what happens when Rose invades Willow's fort?


An update on the move...

moving = stress
moving long distance = crazy stress
moving long distance + no income = nutzo stress
moving long distance + no income + plans falling through = f***ing overwhelming stress

A number of plans have fallen through in the moving process, which has caused significant stress. We had a private buyer lined up to buy the house, but deep into the process, they changed their minds. Then later it looked like Laura had landed an amazing job in Vermont only to find out later it was offered to someone else. It's been an intense emotional roller coaster, testing every ounce of faith and perseverance in me. I've been on the edge of overwhelming panic for more days than I want to admit, sometimes falling off into the deep pool of despair and anxiety. There have been many days when I just want to crawl in the fort with Willow and be done.

We are still working toward moving, but many details (exact location, timing, etc.) remain unknown still. Our house is ready to list on the market (which took an enormous about of work) but the problem is if we sell our house, we'll be homeless and unable to acquire new housing. Neither of us has jobs right now as we were expecting to have been moved by now. That means we don't qualify for another mortgage. I've looked all over for rental options in Vermont, but I've not found anyone willing to rent to someone with seven cats. Most say 0-2 cats. I've had a few people suggest maybe we could find homes for some of our cats, I don't see that as an option. I would rather not move than consider getting anywhere near that idea. It actually pisses me off when people suggest that. These cats are my family, not having children, they are like my kids. One doesn't suggest to a family with four children, maybe they should consider giving up a kid for adoption to increase the likelihood of finding a suitable house. Don't get me started...

Anyway, it's like a giant puzzle, where the pieces have to go in place in the right order. There is some good news in the midst of this. The housing market here is really booming, each month of delay results in a higher listing price on our house. And I have two job interviews lined up for next week! That means a quick trip to Vermont, but first I have to dig through all the boxes and find my interview clothes which were packed up a long time ago - sigh.

If anyone happens to know of someone in Vermont who might rent to us with seven cats, please let me know! I plan to check in with Sachie from My Cat Goma Blog (she lives in Vermont) to see if she has any ideas. I've emailed some shelters and rescue organizations, thinking if I can


  1. Wow, just reading this post made my anxiety level rise! However, I have faith that things will work out, and settle down for you...and the WHOLE family. Good luck on your interviews; here's hoping they both LURV you and start a bidding war to get you to work for them! Hehehe! I'd rather cut of my arm than lose one single whisker from any cat in my life!

  2. Yeah, I'd be curled up in fetal position...or want to be. However, I'm a big believer in "leap and the net will appear". Though that works better when one doesn't have 7 dependents (fur or not) to care for. Fingers crossed for one of these jobs to come through, and for housing too. What's that expression? When you're at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on!

  3. I'm so sorry you're going through all this right now. I'm praying for the best for you, and will keep my ears perked up if I hear anything about a place. <3

  4. yikes.....we vote for some fort time with Willow. we are sending lots of purrs!!

  5. Love the kitties and their blankies. Sounds like you need a special blankie yourself. So much stress. Hugs to you and the kitties...and oh yeah to those who just said re-home them......raspberries!

  6. sorry guys.....I know it's a stressful time; been there; 984 paws crossed in the end everything works out for the best for all ♥♥♥

  7. What a stressful situation :( I'm not sure what area of Vermont you're looking at, but I'm in South Burlington. If I can help in any way feel free to email me at

  8. That is an annoying thing for someone to say,cats are just as important as kids in my book.I am sure everything will fall into place and place you where you belong-have faith.

  9. That would torque MY jaw as well. You showed us an excellent response to that right here in your blog! Saying give them up is like saying give up your children because that is what they ARE! I have human kids yes, but I also have fur kids who are all crammed right into my heart. Each one is precious and loved to the max.
    I am so sorry that you are going through this! What a horrible thing to promise the job and then give it to someone else! The only thing that could possibly be positive is, be glad you're NOT there--- if you got there to that job, that Company would eventually do you and its other employees over. Seems to be their way of "doing business". Heartless and uncaring. Have you called and spoken with someone in a position help, that you are both without a job because of their offer, and in the end zone of selling your HOUSE??? Maybe they could find something else! They should, after all they have caused you. xx

  10. Check with Melissa at "Melissa's Mochas Mudpie and More." She also lives in VT and blogs about her cat Mudpie!


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