Friday, December 29, 2017

Theo's Gotcha Day!!

Today marks 8 years of Theo! He still keeps us on our toes, as he continues to scavenge for any food possibilities! So grateful to have him, he brings constant love and silliness. We would laugh a lot less if we didn't have this clown living with us!

Special dinners for the cattery tonight to celebrate!

Willow update:

After a steady decline, we took Willow to the ER last night, where she spent the night. She looked so miserable, with her labored breathing, it looked like she was moving toward dying. The emergency vet said cats in her condition can go down to death very quickly, so she talked with us about CPR and end of life directive. I was not prepared for such a conversation, somehow I figured there was more they could do. After they brought her into oxygen chamber, gave her albuterol and a relaxant, they said they was nothing more they really could do, it would be up to Willow to see how she responds. When we left her in the oxygen chamber, she was open mouth breathing at super fast rate. I left feeling numb, in disbelief - I might be losing her.

I kept my phone close all night and didn't sleep much, anticipating a crisis call. Thankfully, the only call that came, was this morning with good news! Willow settled and returned to normal breathing after a few hours in the oxygen. She was stable, perky and ready to return home. Yea!!!!

Willow's home again and very perky. She's back to her usual spunky self, eating, cuddling, head-bonking, and milling about. It's crazy how quickly she goes from normal, perky to death's door. We are going to try some inhaler asthma medications in hopes that works. Part of her problem appears to be asthma related, but the progression that starts with not eating remains a mystery.


  1. First, happy Gotcha Day to Theo!

    Second, what an incredibly difficult emotional roller coaster with Willow. I'm so glad she's perked up again and is home. I don't get the not eating, either, or even the open-mouthed breathing for that matter--not at all like an asthma attack (that Nicki has anyway). But I hope the inhaler meds help her, they won't hurt, IMO. Good luck, continued purrs and purrayers to her.

  2. Glad to hear that Willow is better, and Happy Gotcha Day to Theo!

  3. Happy Gotcha Day handsome Theo! I am sure glad Willow is home. It really didn't sound like asthma to me (we have 2 cats with asthma here). We send lots of purrs and prayers to sweet Willow.

  4. Happy Gotcha Day Theo! I am glad Willow is improving, I will keep her in my prayers.

  5. are a fortunate boy. Happy Gotcha day and Willow, I love you. Be well. XX

  6. Happy Gotcha Day and did they do xrays? I wasn't going to say anything but now I feel I have to. That happened with my Angel Bobo and it was heart issues. If they are not doing xrays I don't understand that. Once we found out what it was, Bobo went on Lasix which extended his life for 2 years. If they haven't done xrays, please be sure they do so if you can afford to have them done.(((hugs))) catchatwithcarenandcody


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