Tuesday, February 27, 2018

moving with cats - part 3

We've covered some distance since the last post, having made it from Utah to St. Louis, Missouri, with a two day stopover in Denver to visit some old friends we knew from when we all used to live in Vermont.

I mentioned last time how pleased I am with how the cats are doing. They have really settled into the routines and are doing so well. It's such a huge relief that they are adapting so well. They were afraid at first but as the trip goes on, they are settling in and adapting. Their resilience and ability to adapt is inspiring me - I so want to be that adaptive too.

Oliver, wanting some tummy rubs while underway.

We ran into more snow in Wyoming.

The snow looks prettier on the horizon than on the road. 

Here is what the cage setup in the minivan looks like. The cages are side by side, covered with sheets. The cages in the back have the litter boxes and are accessed through the back door.

A look inside front of Oliver and Pierre's setup.

What it looks like from the back.

I later added a curtain to provide more security, hoping they could get the security without needing to hide in the litter box. It seems to have worked, they go behind the curtain to feel safe and come out to visit when they want. 

The view from the backside of Rose, Theo, and Nahum's cage, which is similar to the other, only the front cage is rotated 90 degrees. I set up the cages thinking of how my friend Nancy, from the Community Cat Coalition, taught me how to setup relocation cages, wanting the cats to be as comfortable as possible in a stressful time.

In Denver, our friends gave us our own bedroom for the two nights we stayed with them. The cats did great, even though they got bored and started getting into things.

Marvin exploring the hallway

Nahum exploring the bathroom. Theo had already jumped up on the cabinet on the left...

and then Theo jumped down into the shower.
Later, Theo explored the closet in our room and somehow got up on the high shelf. He looked so proud of himself.

Theo ready to explore some more.

In our home, Marvin rejects all soft, comfy spots, but in our friend's house, he kept choosing the softest cushy spots! Such a weird cat!

A scale to weigh our cats!

typical Kansas field
We spent a second night in a hotel, this time in Kansas. Once again, we brought in Theo, Nahum, and Marvin. This time they were much less fearful and more curious, checking it out quickly. One of the huge unexpected blessings of this trip is getting to integrate Marvin in with Nahum and Theo. Back at home, we tried and Marvin was so dominate, it never worked. Whenever the cats entered Marvin's space he would get vicious and attack them and he would follow up with spraying on his things. In a hotel room, it's all neutral space and they have been doing great! This gives me lots of hope that when we settle into our new apartment, Marvin will get to be integrated into the general population which will make our lives so much easier.

Marvin has spent most of the trip on one of our laps. I love having a lap kitty for the journey!

Oliver has enjoyed some lap time as well, which has been lovely. I had so much fear about how he would do with the journey and he's been so gracious, patient, and understanding. I so adore that boy.

I've also been very pleasantly surprised by how Pierre is doing. He comes out when we are driving and hangs out in the front corner of his cage that is closest to us. He'll even snooze in this place, which really surprises me. He's trusting us more and more.

Pierre in front with Oliver in back and Nahum being Nahum.
I never tire of seeing Marvin soaking up the loves and sun. This cat is so super chill with riding in the car, makes us think that he's done this before. He's generally pretty unsteady on his feet, so I feared how he would do with a car in motion, but he's done spectacular. He somehow seems more steady in the moving car than at the house.

The journey continues...


  1. Yay! Love reading the updates and knowing you and your kids are doing so well! Hugs to all of you and continued safe travels ­čś╗

  2. I'm so happy all is going well and hopefully y'all will be home before you know it.

  3. I can't tell you how impressed I am both with you two and with the cats. The word "awesome" has become a meaningless catchword. But I am bringing back meaning to that word right now saying this accomplishment truly IS awesome on your parts and the cats. I hope they are eating well?

  4. This is all just amazing. Your set up for the cats, how they're doing...all of it. Mind-boggling and amazing. Good luck on the remainder of your journey!

  5. So happy the trip is going well. In addition to the amazing job you've done in providing the fur-kids with a comfortable physical environment during the trip, a big part of their adjustment is that they're still with "their people"--you and your wife. They trust you and know that as long as you're a part of their life they are safe and loved! Love that Oliver still wants his belly rubs and nice to see that Pierre seems to be more trusting and comfortable being close. Marvin must have spent a good deal of time in a car--he seems so well-behaved and comfortable there. Continued safe travel!

  6. I love seeing Marvin on your laps, he really is such a dear old man! It's going so well and I'm proud of all of you!

  7. Thank you for taking us along on your trip! Cats are adjustable; isn't that amazing!

  8. What a great set up you have designed for all the kitties, no wonder they are enjoying their adventure!

  9. continmewed best fishez with blessingz two; for everee one az de journee goes on....we hope bye caturday maybe.....everee onez IN yur new home....{ we iz bad at mileage stuffz } keep up de grate out look guyz...home iz closer each day ~ ♥♥

  10. Thank you for the updates. It makes me happy to hear that you are all of you are doing well. Please keep posting. Safe travels.

  11. I am glad that all is going well. That is nice that you had a home to stay in and the cats got to enjoy it too :)

  12. I really love all the detailed pictures in this post – you did a fantastic job setting your kids up for the best possible travel experience, and the safest one too. Nancy

  13. Thank you for all the love and care you are doing for these special cats. Enjoy each and every post you do on your trip. Have traveled with cats so much and yes, they do adjust so well. Happy that Nora has someone to feed her. Praying for you to continue to have a safe journey.

  14. I'm so glad they have adapted so well. Hope the rest of the trip is safe and uneventful. ~Jennifer O

  15. I don't think I'll ever tire of seeing Marvin soaking up the loves and sun either


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