Monday, November 8, 2021

Ms. Rose

Hello again!

Remember Ms. Rose?

She's still very, very shy and prefers for humans to not see her, and certainly to not touch!

Sadly, after ten years of nearly perfect health, this past year has been a hard one for her. Over the summer she had an anal gland rupture. She had to be crated for awhile so we could get easy access to her so we could administer meds and clean the wound. She wasn't thrilled about that, but she would often forget that she was terrified of humans.

She purred and purred as she enjoyed tummy rubs and check scratches! Whenever the hand stopped moving, she insisted on more!!

In getting her wound taken care of, the vet ran some blood work and found that her calcium level was abnormally high. Over the next many months she got more tests and we tried a medication to help with the calcium, but it didn't really work. So, a few more ultrasounds. The first one revealed weird things on her liver and other organs. The last one was of her parathyroid glands and it revealed a growth on her right parathyroid gland. 

Yesterday was her surgery, removal of the right parathyroid gland. The parathyroid was only 3mm, which seems small! The surgeon noted after the surgery that he wasn't able to separate the parathyroid and the thyroid as originally hoped, so she had right side thyroid and parathyroid removed. 

She is recovering at the hospital for most of this week so they can keep close eye on her calcium levels. The goal is for it to go down to normal range and for the other three parathyroid glands to compensate for the missing one. Not sure how having the one thyroid gland may complicate things - a question for the internal medicine specialist.

Nahum and Rose - BFF!!

After she heals from this surgery and the calcium level evens out, then we start looking at what's going on in the abdomen. She had been scheduled for exploratory surgery, with the vet thinking maybe she had cancer on the liver. I hope that's not the case, and now hoping it's something related to having had high calcium for a bit and that with normal calcium levels, everything goes back to being good. 

Purrs and prayers for a speedy recovery for Ms. Rose would be appreciated!


  1. That poor sweetie. Purrs and prayers for dear Ms. Rose from all of us.

  2. What a sweet picture is the last one! They love each other, don't they? Hope for the best for Ms. Rose!!

  3. You will have them. That is what happened to Admiral, in a way. Hypercalcimia but the Vet pronounced it idiopathic. Nothing was advised to help her and she suffered months. Rose darling girl, I wish I had known for my girl what your dad knows for your health.

  4. Big big purrs for Miss Rose. Please keep us all updated.

  5. Oh we send purrs and purrayers and Power of the Paw to Rose and all her caretakers - including the other kitties like Nahum.

  6. Poor Ms. Rose, but she is blessed to have such a good home and medical care. I will add her to my prayer list.


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