Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Update on Ms. Rose


Rose is back home from the hospital. She returned a day early. The hope from the parathyroidectomy surgery was that her calcium level would drop and remain steady in the normal range. Sadly, that did not happen. Her calcium levels remained at the high level they had been in prior to surgery. So, because there was no real change in her calcium level, she was discharged early. 

She's happy to be home and went right to the litter box and then ate a hearty dinner. She didn't eat much there so was pretty hungry. She let me love on her for a bit while she was safe under her blanket fort. She purred and purred. 

The plan is to keep checking her calcium levels as we await the pathology report from the growth that was removed. The internist noted what the results of that report will dictate our next course. She indicated that her calcium level is just over the edge of the normal range and if it stays where it is then she could probably have a normal life with no other intervention. But she recommended that we keep looking for what is causing the hypercalciumia. 

We are quite disappointed that this surgery didn't fix her hypercalciumia like we had hoped. I'm grateful to hear the vet's encouraging words though. 


  1. I went through this with Admiral. Her's was not abated at all. This was 2011 and perhaps things are more advanced for our cats now. Her's was idiopathic.

  2. I (the human) had a parathyroid removed and the parathyroid hormone levels remained the same : conclusion - they removed the wrong one - or more than one was involved. I balked at another surgery, and my own drf and an endocrinologist agreed on close monitoring . I agreed and it has been several years now. Purrs and purrayers and POTP for Ms. Rose !

  3. Yes, that is disappointed that she went through that but hopefully all will be just fine!

  4. My Sammy has been on special food for hypercalcemia for several years. No cause of it has even been found. Glad she is home.

  5. You've got to try, and hope for the best.
    Purring for Rose; what a cutie!


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