Wednesday, November 13, 2013

guess who I saw

It's probably been six months since I've seen Nora, Oliver's only daughter. 

Oliver hasn't told me any bad news about her, so I figured she was doing ok and she was just keeping a low profile. Last week, I was amazed to see her hanging out with Oliver in his enclosed back porch. Up until that moment, I had never seen her in the porch, she's still quite feral and will not share a yard with humans. She saw me looking at her on the porch and took off. Seeing her alive and well brought be great joy!

The last few nights I've happen to see her on the feedercam, having a nighttime snack. She seems to come for a snack around 9-10pm PST. Yea for Nora!! It warms my heart knowing that Oliver's family feels welcome to visit him. Pierre and MK spend most of their afternoons, all evening and early mornings here, I just wish they would all take up permanent residence here, like Oliver!


  1. I know you are so happy to see Nora! With winter coming I hope they start to hang out there more!

  2. Great news about Nora! Perhaps all siblings will hang around more with the cold weather of winter. They are so lucky to have shelter.

  3. that is great news....I admit, I see much less of our feral girl in the summer than I do in the winter. I understand, but I do worry more

  4. Oh I am so glad you got to see her and know she is alright. And I love knowing Oliver is alright. Does he still get some alone time on the bed with you snuggling? That was just so dear to read that time.

  5. I'm glad to see Nora is OK too. I agree with you, it would feel better if they all just hung out in your yard instead of roaming the neighborhood. It's good you have those kitty cams to be able to check up on them at night.


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