Tuesday, May 13, 2014

bonded pair

MK and Pierre are a bonded pair of ferals. This is the scene I was greeted with this morning when I brought Oliver outside in the morning:

After breakfast and a romp with Oliver around the yard, MK and Pierre have settled into Oliver's house, where they are enjoying a nice cuddle:

Meanwhile, I've been devising my plan for trapping the new cat who's been coming around.

This boy has a date at the neuter clinic tomorrow morning!

I wonder if he's related somehow to Oliver and the family. He's black with a small white patch on his chest and he looks to be about Oliver's size.

Trapping him will be a challenge, as I don't want to trap MK, Pierre, or Nora. I'll bring Oliver inside the house, so he won't be around to chase off the new boy. At first I thought I would use a regular trap, but then I realized that won't work, because I'll need to selectively trap to make sure I get the right cat. 

Oliver snoopervises Pierre as he eats the bait!

I have decided to go with the drop trap. This way I can sit in the car, and wait and watch. Of course, determining one black cat from another in the dark is a bit of a challenge. So, even with the drop trap, odds are high I could get the wrong cat.

Pierre eating drop trap bait

I'll be up late tonight waiting for the new boy to get under the drop trap - then he's mine!


  1. Good luck catching the newbie! I think there's a rumor going around that your house is "the place" to be if you're a black cat ;-)

  2. Wow we can't wait to hear how this adventure will end! Good luck!!

  3. Fingers and paws crossed you catch the right black cat, on the first try!

  4. Oh my, I hope you catch the jackpot cat on the first try!

  5. Good luck, and good job!

  6. we agree with Terri - there must be a sign about your backyard and black cat safety. :) Good luck catching him!!

  7. OMC Good luck wiff dat. And Fank yous fuw helpin' out all meez kinfolk. ☺

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


  8. Hope you get him. I know what a challenge it is to trap the cats. Good luck.

  9. You know, you make my heart light when I read your blog. I love cats as much as you do and all that you go through to make life better in any way possible for them, feral or not warms me.


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