Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Rose's Gotcha Day!

Four years ago today we found Rose hiding in the engine compartment of a truck in front of our house! Poor thing, she was tiny, dirty, and scared.

She was so tiny and kitten-cute!

Even as an adult-cat, we think she's quite adorable. We only wish she would let us touch her so we could love on her! But she continues to keep her distance from the evil humans. 

Must admire her beauty from a far.

Happy Gotcha Day Rose, even though we can't touch you and every time we get near,
you freak out like you're about to be eaten alive, we still love you!


  1. Rose is a beauty and lucky to live with those who understand her 'don't touch' sign. Love can be given anyway can't it!

  2. LOL. Aww, Rose is a sweetie. And she has pretty special humans who love and accept her just the way she is. :-)

    Happy Gotcha Day to her. You never know, maybe one day she'll mellow and discover the joy of scritches.

  3. Happy Happy Gotcha Day Miss Rose,
    I hope you have fabulous day with your human plus lots of hug & treats :)
    Happy Purrs

  4. Rose darling girl. May you allow the great love that flows to and through you, to affect your heart and mind. Happy Gotcha Day sweetheart. xxoo

  5. Happy Gotcha Rose you are one beautiful tabby.

  6. Happy Gotcha Day Rose!!! We live with one of those "don't touch me kitties" too. :)

  7. Happy Gotcha Day Rose! You are a beauty!

  8. Happy Gotcha Day! You were a cute kitten and you are a beautiful kitty - Rose is a perfect name for you.

  9. a girl as beautiful as her name! Happy Happy Gotcha Day Rose!! xoxo

  10. Oh Rose me heart just bweaks fur yous. Happy Gotcha day bootyful. Yous hit da jackpot and meez just knows dat yous wuld weally weally like bein' luved on by yous hoomans. Me will be purrayin' fur yous to get ovew yous fear.

    Luv ya'


  11. She is a very pretty cat. Lucky to have a home where she is accepted for who she is.

    My neighbour tamed her feral cat by hand feeding chicken. Took 6 years or so, but he does now accept pats at food time.


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