Tuesday, September 23, 2014

a full day

I had some reading to do for work this morning, so I went out to the garage to hang out with Bert. I think he liked the company.

I know I did!

When I look at these pictures of Bert, I think about how I was so close to releasing him back to the TNR site because he was bitey and swatty. I'm so grateful I gave him more time as he really turned a corner! Hopefully he's destined to be a spoiled inside kitty for the rest of his life.

Buddy's slowly going downhill. His age is catching up to him as evidenced by a number of little things. He eats as he always has (like a horse), but he's slowly losing weight. He feels and looks frail. His back legs are very unsteady and tremble. He's starting to hork more. And he's been sporting that "I'm not feeling so good" look. I think I may make an appointment for him to get some diagnostics. I would appreciate purrs for his wellbeing.

I recently bought Buddy another heating pad. He's got two now and I'm about to get him another. He needs one for each of his favorite spots.

Oliver enjoys sprawling in his heated loft bed on the back porch.

I heard some very sad news today. John, a friend and fellow TNR guy who caretakes a small backyard colony of black feral cats, lost one of his beloved cats today. Apparently Uncle got hit by a car in the road. Breaks my heart to hear of a loved feral passing away like this. Even more sad is that John was making great progress taming Uncle and had visions of him becoming an inside cat. Rest in peace sweet Uncle, know you are dearly loved.

John's beautiful feral family: Grandma, Little Mama, and Uncle all posing in front of their heated and insulated home that John built for them.
photo courtesy of John
This news significantly heightened my anxiety about Oliver and his family being outside. We live near some busy roads. Every day I see them alive and well I give thanks for another day.

Over the summer I've been locking Oliver on the back porch at night for his safety. If I don't, he'll go roaming and pick fights with neighbor cats. A few months ago, Pierre decided that he wanted to be locked on the back porch with Oliver every night. After Oliver is secured, Pierre shows up outside the screen door and waits to be let in. I love having both of them secured each night, that way I know they are both safe. I only wish MK and Nora would join him!

Fulfilling Pierre's wish posed quite the logistical challenge due to the fact that he's still semi-feral and keeps a distance from me. The solution involves the use of fancy technology - a string! It's tied it to the handle on the guillotine door. The string goes up to the ceiling and across the room to the mudroom door and back down. When it's time to lock Oliver away, I close the guillotine cat door by hand and then go over to the other end of the room and pull the string which opens the guillotine door and Pierre hops right in!  Old school but it works.


  1. Weez be purrayin' fur Buddy. So sowwy to hear hims not feelinn' so good. And luv all da fotos. Such gawjus kitties. And sowwy to hear 'bout Unkle. Sendin' hugs and kitty kisses

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  2. Buddy darling, I am so sorry, sweet boy. Mom knows what it's like to see an older kitty age. You have the best of pawrent Buddy, and I know you know that. xxoo Tell your Dad that his ingenious old school remedy is inspired! Both of them safe is a dream come true.

  3. I am so glad you gave Bert a chance and things worked out- I love a happy ending. http://15andmeowing.com

  4. So sorry about your friend's cat, so sad. Sending purrs and prayers to Buddy. Your photos of you and Bert just soooo touched my heart!

  5. Aw Buddy, I know how hard it is to watch one of our loved ones get older and frailer. Your creative ways with the ferals always impresses me.

  6. may be time to put the word out for Bert...maybe Hershey's dad knows some other cat guys :)
    we got our paws crossed for Buddy....
    purrs for Uncle and your friend....we worry about our feral girl as well.
    LOVE the idea for the "trap" door :)

  7. Love the high tech guillotine door.
    Best wished for Buddy. It's so hard to see them slowing down.

  8. We will purr for Buddy. Our Mr Jinx is also losing weight and muscle. We've had him twice to the Vet had bloodwork done (perfect) and are watching him, he goes back in about two weeks for another check.

  9. Thank you for taking care of the ferals. Our heart goes out to your friend and Uncle. That would be very hard. Purrs for Bert. He's a handsome one! Purrs....

  10. a string, I love it :) Purrs for Bert.. hopefully it is something simple as needing to be dewormed

  11. We are very sorry to hear about Uncle. And our mom can sympathize about Buddy, since Skootch is in a similar place. Bert is a sweetie!

  12. You are doing a great thing.. String and all... We feel the same way about wanting safety for felines, feral colonies are a big undertaking. We would be wracked with worry and care. Take care yourself. Thinking of you. Love Helen, Darcy, Bingley and Fred xxxx


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