Tuesday, February 3, 2015

happiness is...

being with Bert. This guy exudes happiness. He's over the top in love with the indoor life. Hard to imagine he was once homeless. He's still up for adoption and all of his silly antics are going to make someone very happy.

We spent some cuddle time together on Tuesday morning, he's such a love.

Blissed out Bert!
Something I discovered recently: Bert's not a big fan of being held, he tolerates it but doesn't really relax into it, however if you flip him over and hold him tummy-side up, he completely relaxes and loves it! What a silly boy!

On a different note, Wednesday morning I'll be trapping Pierre and taking him to the vet for a microchip and updated vaccines. This has been something I've been wanting to do for a long time now, and I really regret that MK never got chipped. This is going to be a very stressful ordeal for me and him and I'm quite anxious about causing him stress but I know ultimately it will be the best for everyone.


  1. Bert is really cute! I bet he will find a wonderful home and make his people very happy!

    Poor Pierre. I know the vet trip will be stressful for you both, but you are definitely doing a good thing for him.

    Purrs <3

  2. Hoping all goes better than you think, Bert is a sweetheart. Cody is similar, he likes being held to an extent but prefers to show his belly!

  3. Bert is a sweetie! My Charlie hates to be held but loves to sit on me...cats! Hang in there, you will be happier knowing Pierre is chipped.

  4. For all the stresses of trapping, the cats forget it all in relatively short time. You will too, lol! And I completely forgot to get Sweetie microchipped last month; Patty is already. When I trap her again this summer to get that dental work done, I'll remember to have it done then. Bert is such a cutie; obviously, he'll snag a furrever home soon.

  5. Bert you are a cutie! Also you're doing the very best thing you can for Pierre I'm sure you will try to channel that thought to him.

  6. maybe you should get Hershey's dad to talk to his friends :)

  7. Is bert still available for adoption?


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