Friday, September 18, 2015

gather around the water cooler

It's been a week...

Thank you everyone for your kind words and continued prayers for my friend, Sarah. Each are greatly appreciated! The surgery on Monday went well, however, it only yielded more questions, no answers.  The pathology results are supposed to come in today, and hopefully they will provide some needed answers.

Marvin went to the vet this week for a check-up on the status of his kidneys. The results were not good, showing high levels for both BUN and Creatinine. The results might be a little skewed right now due to some very loose stools (thanks to a bacteria that hopefully is dying a painful death from the metronidazole). Vet recommended upping the level of care to include fluids or expensive supplements.

With all that is going on right now, I'm at emotional overwhelm. The other day, a few hours after doing a little therapy with my friends Ben & Jerry, I discovered I had returned the carton to the refrigerator, not the freezer. Sigh. Then yesterday, I bought my non-refundable plane tickets for my upcoming work trip to Tennessee only to discover I had bought them for the wrong day. Sigh.

Some good news, Oliver also went to the vet for his annual inspection. He was declared a pillar of health! He even lost weight from last year, a whole 1.5 pounds! (0.45kg) - Way to go Oliver! He purred non-stop through the entire experience.

And now for a few random pictures...

My search for a new local "happy place" took me to the North Fork Skykomish River, which is up in the mountains. Nice place, but a little far away and only accessible in the non-snowy months.

Last weekend, I took a walk to a nearby park to make some intentional space for grieving. I passed the empty horse show courts. I counted 16 lonely, sad courts, I wonder if these ever get any use?

I hope your weekend is all it needs to be. For me, I'll be up on the garage roof once again trying to patch the holes. The recent rain revealed many more leaks. Oh joy.


  1. Continued purrs and purrayers to Sarah and her family and to Marvin...and to you as well. We're glad Oliver, at least is healthy. Good luck with the roof-patching, be careful!

  2. Marvin darling...all hopes that your regular Vet routine ought to do it and I hope there is no real need to do the other things such as the expensive supplements and hydration. Hydration is "easy" so if that be the case, it is. Oliver I am totally happy that you are doing so well and that you let your Dad take you!!! Is Pierre going too? Wish he could have gone with you. Oliver you would be SO happy of you would stop the spraying! THEN you could be with your Dad all the time.

    Love and prayers to your friends and I pray for a good outcome re: the pathology. As for your levels of stress, the kitties of Twitter have a loving sweet phrase for kitties and pawrents when they are going through a difficult time. They say and offer a "soft paw" and that is what me and mommy are doing. Soft paw, my friend.

  3. Purrs to Marvin and YAY for Oliver. and continued purrs for Sarah and her family and friends (aka you)

  4. Big purrs for Marvin and Sarah and we are so very happy for the results on Oliver. Continued prayers for you too.

  5. purrs to all of you....remember to breathe. we hope Sarah and her family get some answers. Good job Oliver!

  6. So sorry for your news on Marvin - we'll hope and pray for the best. M says she had a kitty with kidney disease, and they learned how to give her fluids, which kept her going for a few years. Misty didn't seem to mind the ordeal as much as M had feared either. It almost seemed like she knew it would make her feel better if she didn't struggle with getting the fluids. You have had a BAD, BAD week. Big HUGS.

  7. We send purrs and prayers to Sarah and Marvin too, it sure is stressful. Giving fluids isn't too bad once you get used to it, I've had them lots.

  8. Weez so sowry so many fings be messed up. Weez sendin' lots and lots of purrayers fur all of ya'. Weez not know what sis Lexi's nummers awe wight now but we magin hers Crea is up sum and maybe da BUN too. We just keep purrayin' and givin' hers da Atros purroducts cuz dat be all we can afford. Good Luck.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  9. The squirrels have been using the cats' water bowl to wash their nut booty; leaving mud. Purrs to Sarah and Marvin, may answers be forthcoming. Oliver, you sound like you are in fine fettle! Go give some luvs to your human caretaker...

  10. The president of China was HERE yesterday! I thought he read my blog, and was going to stop by and visit the cats, but he didn't show! Zeke was disappointed. I don't know if the Pope is headed our way or not.


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