Monday, February 1, 2016

an inside job

Oliver enjoyed some quality inside time on Sunday. He sure looks at home.

Ambassador Nahum welcomes Oliver to the inside kitty life

When I was at the vet on Saturday with Rose, one of the receptionists told me that they frequently have customers come in and tell them that there is a black cat roaming around their parking lot. They understandably express concern because of the five lane road the vet is on. That would be my Oliver! She said they often see him (it could be Pierre but most likely is Oliver) walk along the fence line that separates the vet's dog walking area from the fire station next door. When he gets to the end of the fence next to the busy five lane road, he takes a sharp right and walks back through the fire station property. Oh Oliver! Not only making me nervous, but making everyone at the vet's office nervous too.

Oliver lives across the alleyway from the vet and fire station.

It's February. You know that that means?

It's national pet dental month.

Oliver's bitey apparatus is looking good!

We've had some warmer temperatures lately, which means Oliver's not been wanting to be locked away on his back porch at night. He likes doing the midnight patrols to keep the neighborhood cats out of his yard. I want him locked on the back porch where I know he's safe and not fighting or darting across roads. I've had to go to bed a few nights lately with him roaming free - on those nights I say a prayer for his safety and for my worries. Thankfully each morning he's waiting by the back porch door ready for some breakfast.

You should hear the purrs...

Here's to a healthy and safe February for all of us and for all of you!


  1. Oliver is such a handsome mancat! I'm thinking he's got some serious street-smarts, but I too would be nervous about his travels. Glad Rose is in good shape, even if the vet visit was freaky for her.

  2. it scares me to think of Oliver and that big road. But a cat is gonna do what they want.

  3. Oliver, pal, you really need your careful hat on being too close to the highway like that!

  4. that is scary.....we worry about our feral girl too

  5. Oh Oliver, you sure do know how to make a human worry

  6. dood....back porches rock....troo uz on thiz one...we noe eggs act lee what yur dad meenz...

    therz two high wayz within walkin distance oh trout towne & we all wayz hope de community catz R safe ....♥♥♥

  7. Oh Oliver...OLIVER I beg you please do NOT go over there. We didn't know you lived so close to the highway. Not knowing, Mom and I assumed you were in a quiet neighborhood that one had to travel a decent distance to get to the scary parts. EITHER! MK must have been in that area too. *very sad ears* Your Dad is probably worried sick now that he knows what you're doing! Can't you hang out at the outside bed and dining hall? Good grief!!!

  8. Oliver sure is a handsome fellow. I'm very envious about his toofers cuz I have none.

  9. OMC Weez not sure whether yous blest to luve so close to da VET or not. MOL Oliver, yous lookin' very handsum, but yous scarin' da bee-jeebuz outta us and yous furmily. Be safe dude.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  10. I've found that after about four weeks they adjust to being indoors. It's tough but it's worth it to keep them safe. Eventually the cars win and it's heartbreaking...

  11. Oliver, please stay inside where you are safe. We adopted Spooky over 2 years ago and he had been outside wandering the neighborhood for 13 years. He adapted well to indoor life.

  12. We understand about being nervous about Oliver. We used to say prayers for Skitters, a roaming feral who eventually befriended us (after 3 years) and finally, we just had to teach him to become an indoor boy. It was an "adventure" for three months but after that, we never looked back and never had to worry about him again. We hope some day Oliver will see the appeal of becoming an indoor boy too!


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