Sunday, January 31, 2016

unlucky Rose

Remember Tramp?

I helped rescue him about a year and half ago. He's been with his foster mom ever since as he's waited for his forever home. Meanwhile, his foster mom fell in love with him, but when the perfect new forever home came along, she was willing to let him go. His new family have been looking for a lovey, cuddly kitty-friend for one of their lonely kitties.

Tramp was set to go to his new home Saturday after his final vet checkup, but sadly, he escaped his foster mom's house on Thursday night. Foster mom came home after work to find her door ajar and several kitties missing. So, she's working on rounding them back up, which will delay Tramp's delivery. Hopefully Tramp comes back inside soon.

Meanwhile, I had a Saturday morning vet appointment with no Tramp, and with Rose being due for annual check up, it was her unlucky day.

Catching Rose is always an ordeal, she desperately fears humans.  And after this experience, she'll believe her fear is fully justified.

Rose hunkered down at the vet hoping it would all go away. She didn't get her wish, instead she got a couple of pokes and a good look over. Vet said she's healthy - yea!

Upon coming back home, she walked around, crying for about five minutes. I felt horrible for causing her such emotional distress. Thankfully, Nahum, her best kitty friend, attended to her and offered what he does best, providing comfort.

After getting loved on by Nahum, she had to have a drink! A good stiff drink always helps with the stress.

She made her way to her safe cubby and kept watch. Poor girl couldn't settle to sleep for a number of hours. I so wish human contact wasn't so intensely stressful for her. I'm grateful she's healthy and won't need to be corralled again for another year or so.


  1. Poor Rose! Lucky, however, that she's healthy -- and that she has a wonderful forever home with humans that accept her just as she is.

    Paws crossed that the foster mom is able to find all the escapee cats; we're sending out purrs and purrayers.

  2. I hope the foster mom finds all of the kitties who escaped. How scary for everyone.

    Poor Rose. It's good that she's healthy. It would be really awful if she had special needs and needed to see the vet more often. I know you feel bad about stressing her, but you are a great cat dad, and you are doing the right thing for her. I'm sure on some level, she understands.

  3. It's my worst nightmare..having any of my kitties leave the house.

  4. That is so sad about dear Tramp. We're glad Rose is a-o-k though.

  5. Sweet Rose. So sad that human contact is so stressful for her. Thank goodness she is healthy and Nahum helps comfort her.

  6. Poor Rose. Weez glad to hear she's healthy and safe, and we hope and purray that over da next year she will mellow sum and find humans not so intimidating. Weez so sorry 'bout da fosters, dat''s just pawful. Sendin' purrayers all come home safe.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  7. I hope Tramp comes home soon!!

    and you should look into rescue remedy for Rose. It did wonders for my Eli. It took a while, but a month or two of putting it in his food and water helped calm him enough that he was willing to give us the benefit of the doubt, and at which point I was able to win him over.

  8. Katie said to tell you the face book page is in mommys name. You may remember it. But I am the star!!!

  9. I hope Tramp and all the other missing kitties are found soon, that is awful. I am glad Rose is healthy.


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