Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Willow Tuesday

Early Monday morning, I returned from physical therapy quite tired, so I took a rest on the couch. I wasn't even horizontal yet before Buddy attacked me and demanded tummy rubs. Then when Buddy's tummy rub quota was met, he took off and Theo wasted no time hopping up and demanding loves. Last was Willow who sweetly asked me to give her some love in exchange for her purrs and soft furs. What a delightful way to start the day!

My little girl has become super affectionate lately, several times a day she's been claiming my lap. Willow as a lap kitty?!?! I think my dreams are coming true! I'm not sure what's got into her, but I'm loving it!

Willow sweetly asking Nahum if she can share his lap time.

Willow, enjoying Laura's lap

Sweet Willow, surveying her kingdom
Meanwhile, Monday night on the walk home from work, I met a new friend. This grey and white big boy was all love. He so desperately wanted me to pick him up and love on him, but I opted to just give him lots of pets on the ground. He followed me quite a distance, I was starting to wonder if he was going to follow me right home. As I saw him following alongside me, I started to prepare my defense in case I showed up at home with a new cat! "He just followed me, what was I suppose to do?"

Thankfully, this boy was neutered. He looked well fed and had soft furs, so I sure hope he has a home. It kills me that he's outside along a super busy road. I've walked that walk quite a number of times and have never seen him before, but now I'll be keeping an eye out for him.


  1. A Buddy, Theo, Willow sandwich! Sounds delightful!

  2. this makes me happy..

    well not the stray kitty wandering around near a busy road.. I hope he made it home

  3. Willow on your lap (and Laura's too)! Wow, awesome!

    Fingers and paws crossed that the lovey outdoor cat does have a home nearby.

  4. awww - what a great way to start a day

    we hope that gray boy found his way home - and maybe his family decides to keep him in

  5. Oh that sweet Willow! We sure hope for his sake you never see that boy again on a busy road!

  6. It's so nice to see so much happy going on!

  7. What lovely photos of your kitties!
    It's so nice to see them being so giving.

    Hope the new kitty you met has a home.

    Debby in AZ


  8. What a pawsum posty. Lots of luvvin' from da boys and Willow and then from an unknown handsum mancat. We always hate to hear when any kitty is outside, but hopefully he duz have a home, or will follow you on home one day. MOL Have a pawsum day and enjoy all dat extwa luvvin'.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi


  9. dood....we hope ewe were just out on a walk a bout two !!!!

    ~~~~ waves two everee one....N joy yur napz in lapz time with mom & dad !!! ♥♥♥

  10. Nice to see Willow so loving. Thank you so much for dropping by with your kind comment regarding our Sierra. It was very much appreciated. xx

  11. All your kitties are so adorable and sweet. I hope the other kitty has a home too, if not, he really looks like he would mix right in with all of yours.

  12. Oh Willow, how wonderful that you have begun to know the love of having a welcoming lap with loves and scritchies. Nahum, thank you for sharing your lap time too. xoxo And the outside kitty, I would be worried sick for his safety too. I wonder if he scooted out when his pawrents opened the door? If he was that loving to you, a stranger, it makes me hope that he finds his way home immediately!

  13. By the way, Max is the most handsome boy! I can see that easily. Maybe one day you can write us a story about him?


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