Tuesday, April 19, 2016

floaty factory



Marvin has a thing for drinking out of my water mug at the office. I often don't notice until I go for a drink of water in the middle of a session and then I see a few extra bits in the water! Sometimes I don't notice the floaties until after I just took a big gulp.  Yum! Marvin!!!

Thank you everyone for your ideas, suggestions, purrs, and prayers about Marvin and his asthma. The other day I decided to go back and try crushing up the steroid pill into his wet food and he started eating it. Hallelujah! I'll keep going with this route until he stops eating again.

A few of you suggested the idea of building a nebulizer box. I actually came across this idea a few months back and got really excited about it - excited enough to buy a nebulizer and start gathering the parts. He loves going into boxes and bags, so I figured this would be easy. Then I started looking for the meds in nebulizer solution form. The Albuterol has a nebulizer solution option but I couldn't find the steroid. After further research I learned the nebulizer box doesn't work for steroid because it would get in his eyes and other orifices and membranes. Apparently that's bad. I still need to follow-up with the vet about this concern.

Some suggested air filters, I have big air filters on every floor of the house and even one at the office. I got those way back when Willow was diagnosed with asthma and it seemed to help her. With the warmer weather we've been having, we need to open the windows (no AC) which invites the pollen and other stuff right in.

I'm guessing his recent asthma worsening was due to the really bad pollen season we've been having. I think it did a number on his lungs, just like it seemed to do a number on my brain (2-weeks of migraines - ugh!) The pollen has eased up and he's been getting his meds (no asthma attacks for three days), so I took him back to the office with me on Monday. Sadly, I had to run him home in the middle of his work shift due to asthma attacks returning - the office was a sweltering 83°F (28.3°C), which seemed to make his asthma worse (it made my migraine worse too).

We'll keep working on it. He's such a delight! I'm so amazed at the cats I rescue - each have such delightful personalities! It's so crazy to think before I trapped Marvin, he was starving to death, in lots of pain, and lacking human affection for who knows how long. No more, he knows love now.


  1. Marvin found his true home, with you! Sure doesn't seem accidental to me...he's in the bestest place on the planet now!

  2. It's good to read Marvin's been doing better, and that it's been the pollen that's likely exacerbating his asthma. Continued purrs and purrayers to him.

  3. You're such a good fur-parent! We're glad to read that Marvin's better.
    And for those extra bits in your water mug - just consider them protein! MOL!

  4. hopefully things will settle down and Marvin can get back to "work"

  5. dood....we haz all 984 paws crossed heer that dads plan "M"...werks for a looooooooooooong time ta come....♥♥♥♥

  6. We think Marvin is one cool dude and we hope the asthma symptoms slack off soon.

  7. I'm not up on everything, so I apologize if this has been suggested already. Carmine and Lita get their Prednisolone compounded into medi-melts. It makes pilling much easier. They supposedly taste like chicken liver. I bet you could crush those up into the food and maybe they won't taste as bad. There's also transdermal gel. It supposedly doesn't work as well as the pills, but maybe a higher dose would get into him enough medicine.

    I was hoping we could get Lita on a lower dose of Pred for her asthma, but you're right, the pollen is no good for the asthma. My allergies have been horrible, and while we have a/c in this apartment, it doesn't work worth a darn, so I have to keep the windows open, too.

  8. As with your other babies, how this news uplifts my heart. I was going to wrote re: the box idea and thought perhaps he would be afraid. I see that happily, you thought of it and are researching. xoxo to the babies, each one.

  9. I think that if Marvin hadn't found you when he did, he'd be on the other side of the rainbow bridge by now. It wasn't his time so God/the universe directed him to you. He IS an amazing cat--so glad he has you to love and care for him.

  10. I am praying for Marvin. Thank you for your kind words you left on my blog about the passing of Spooky.


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