Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Planet (dwarf-planets and otherwise) Day!

Happy Jupiter Day! No, that doesn't sound right. Happy Mercury Day! Hmmm... that sounds off too, maybe Happy Pluto Day! (but does that work? Plutonians lost their planet status awhile back, so they may be offended...) If I say Happy Earth Day, the Martians and Neptunians will all be up in arms (do they even have arms?) about the lack of inclusivity. So, I'll go with Happy Whatever Planet (or other large celestial orbiting body) you associate with Day!

Marvin enjoyed a wheezy-free day at the office on Thursday.

I know I've said it before, but I'll just keep saying it, I so love having him with me at work and he seems to love being around humans all day! He's such a socialite! At work, he greets people and then flops over on the floor and wants his belly rubbed! He's such a ham. What's remarkable about that is he never does that at home! He never flops over and never wants his belly rubbed!! Tummy rubs must be part of his work persona.

I'm celebrating Planet Day by celebrating Marvin! He's my latest rescue (recycled and reused) cat. Someone discarded him but I had the good fortune of trapping him and taking him in - giving him food, love, medical care, and everything else he wants and needs (not necessarily in that order).

Marvin with landing gear stuck in down position

Marvin with landing gear retracted
Yea for all the rescue kitties out there - this is the day to celebrate the rescue kitties!!!
Extra treats for all rescues!


  1. You gotta know mom is loving this! MOL MOL. And Marvin, thank HEVENS you are better! You had mom and I furry worried.

  2. I love the "landing gear" references. LOL. Happy Planet Day to you all of your crew!

  3. Aww sweet Marvin. Happy Planet day to you all too.

  4. Sweet Marvin!! I love the 'landing gear' photos!

  5. I'm glad Marvin ended up in a wonderful, loving home! Happy Planet Day!

  6. Obviously, Marvin has found his dream job! And I believe Martian's have multiple arms...hehehe

  7. Way to go Marvin! We're all rescue kitties so we need to find some treats. Happy Earth Day, we love our planet and sure hope everyone takes good care of it!

  8. Excellent post,recycled kitties are the best. I am glad Marvin is doing so well at work and having fun too. I am sure everyone loves having him there, all work places need kitties.


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