Friday, February 17, 2017

all well here

Remember us?! We've been mysteriously absent from kittyblogosphere lately. I haven't been spending much time on the computer - which has been lovely but also means fewer opportunities to show up here!

We are all well!

I took a day trip up to Vancouver, BC last weekend to visit some friends. I was just walking along the sidewalk where this kitty was hanging out. I bent down to say hello and he promptly jumped in my lap!

Name tag read Pippin. I love the fluffy black and white, reminds me of Max!

The only bit of news is Oliver. Also last weekend, on Sunday I noticed him walking through the yard with a big abscess draining on his back side. I took him over to emergency vet to get him cleaned up and start antibiotic. I can only guess he was fighting another neighborhood kitty. Oliver!

He was a trooper! He let the vet do what they needed to do, talking to them the entire time. All this trouble, he needed some reward with some inside time. You can see where they shaved him to clean the wound. I'm happy to say it's healing well.


Marvin spent some time at work with me this past week. I'm grateful his asthma is responding fairly well to his medication.

 Rose is still Rose.

And Willow - oh my. 
This girl captures my heart like no other. 

Mr. Fluff is still fluffy. And purry. And lovey. 

Some progress on the Oliver inside kitty transition project. Theo's not a big fan of Oliver, but he's slowly learning to tolerate him more.

I hope you all are well! 
Happy weekend!!


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  2. Sorry about the first one! Oliver is getting a bit old to be fighting all the young males out in the neighborhood. He needs to be moving inside! Glad to hear Marvin is still with us, as I had my doubts about him a while back. As for the others, no news is good news! I wonder how Oliver liked the snow the other week?


  3. It's great to see a post from you and know everyone is doing well!

    That said, I also think it's terrific to be OFF-LINE and living a real life, not a virtual one. LOL.

    Anyway, healing purrs from my boys to Oliver and to Marvin too.

    Take care!

  4. IT made our day to see you here today catching us up with what is going on. I worry about beautiful Tuxie Pippin who is so lovingly friendly. His parents are taking a chance allowing him out but you benefitted. He does look like Max! Oliver, you are, as Greg above said, a bit long in the tooth to be fighting the young lions out there. Theo..I am proud of you and Rose and Willow, what beauties you are. Marvin...keep fighting dear boy.

  5. So glad to hear how all of you are doing. Oh Oliver! I wish he could be an indoor kitty always. Love Willow, I told you a dreamed about her once before finding my Annie! My little girl has captured my heart also. Hugs!

  6. I have been spending less time online too, isn't it great!? Our weather is so gorgeous today (and yesterday), that I am trying to be offline as much as possible! The kitties all look great! catchatwithcarenandcody

  7. Nice to see you! Poor Oliver, we're sure glad he's on the mend. You should come by and see how our 2 feral young ones are doing since we adopted them and moved them inside.

  8. Good to see a post from you. Sorry Oliver has an injury though. I hope it heals quickly.

  9. So good to hear from you, and delighted everyone is doing so well! Hope Oliver is all healed up! Gotta make that transition Oliver into being indoor only! Poor boy.

  10. Hello, while ago you mentioned having a cat with allergies. I was wondering what you did to resolve that. my black cat fury is loosing his hair and we think it's due to a food allergy. I changed his and took him to the vet etc. Nothing seems to be working. he is still itchy and loosing hair.

    1. Hi - I'm racking my brain trying to remember. I think I've suspected past symptoms might have been food allergies but nothing was ever certain. I've tried the prescription allergy food in the past which is basic stuff to see if the other symptoms change. Have you tried switching the food? Also could be flea allergy, when we took Marvin in a few months back the vet discovered fleas on him and suspected maybe his ear sores were product of flea allergy. Oliver will also overgroom at times, taking off his furs all over, again suspect flea allergy, although I think I've tried the flea treatment on him regularly and he still sometimes does it. So it could be stress response. Theo overgrooms his tummy furs, probably from stress too.

  11. Ooh, I am mad at myself for missing this post, since I've been thinking about you all and hoping all is well...and it is! Except for Oliver getting a bite on his rear, that is. Patty O'Malley had a similar incident a couple of months ago, but it cleared up with some holistic salve.

  12. I used to have a cat that went outside and he would get abscesses a lot, so I totally feel for you there.

    Sometimes it is good to take a technology break. I'm glad everything else is going well.


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