Sunday, February 26, 2017

working it out

Oliver has been spending a lot of supervised inside time lately each night. He'll come inside and hangout for a few hours each night (as my schedule allows). The time ends each night with me carrying him to the secured back porch, where he spends the night with Pierre, safe and sound. He makes his displeasure known about being put out, he would rather stay right where he is, inside.

Every morning we have a routine. I open up the back porch to let him back outside, he'll pop through the cat door move around to the steps and have a scratch on the entry steps. He then begins his systematic patrol of his territory boundaries, marking where necessary and pausing for a long drink of water (apparently he believes the water on the back porch must be poisoned!)

Saturday morning he made a bold statement. I went to the back porch to let him free as normal, but he didn't dart out his cat door as usual. Instead he went for the back door, he wanted to come inside with me. I picked him up and carried him inside. I held him for a bit and then carried him to the front porch, where I put him on the front porch shelf window where he could again go explore his yard. He got down and did a quick running sniff of the open door and then went to the front door to be let inside. He's made the choice to forgo his yard for the inside kitty life. I cannot ignore this decision.

Saturday he spent nearly all day inside (with exception for when I popped out for some errands).

He did mostly great! I realized I needed to back off and let Theo and him work it out, which is scary, cuz it could mean a tussle. They are figuring it out.

All was well until evening when Oliver went exploring, backed his bum up against he wall and sprayed. Sigh. Here it is Sunday now, and he's back inside, under supervision. He did the same this thing morning when I opened up the backporch, he made a mad dash toward the back door, this time, I let him come inside on his own power. He walked right by Theo and Nahum who greeted him at the door. I'm very pleased that the other cats are accepting him being inside fairly well, and Oliver doesn't seem stressed by their presence. Now to figure out how to get him to stop spraying! There is nothing more I would love than having Oliver (and then of course Pierre) as an inside only kitty.

 Oliver, laying next to me as I write this post.


  1. It must be so wonderful to have Oliver wanting to be inside. We think you two will figure out the other issue.

  2. Oliver....please. For your own sake as well as your Dad's, won't you try harder to curb that urge to spray inside? How is that abcess on your backside? It looks to be healing. Are you taking meds for it still? Is Nora still coming by to eat? I am so grateful you three have a mom and dad.

  3. Here's hoping you find a solution to Oliver's territorial marking issues, so you can all live together inside!

  4. I am glad Oliver wants in, wish I had some suggestions on how to stop the spraying.

  5. So happy to hear that Oliver has decided that he prefers the inside life! It can be hard for a bit. I find that "SLOW" is the way to go. Good luck!!

  6. Hi. Just found your blog and I'm looking forward to reading through it (usually I start at the very beginning and work my way forward to current date.)

  7. Oliver...Willow, everyone OK?


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